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    Guys I know you guys are probably getting sick of me posting all these questions but since im new to this i really dont know yet...My question is if there is no stripes in the lawn am i doing something wrong?? And how can I fix it? Thanks Matt
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    Are you forgetting to push the striper button? Reach under the deck When the engine is full throttle and the blades are engaged and you will feel a button. Its on the right side close to the discharge............Before every uptight pretensious member jumps on me....It really depends on the mower you are using..some are designed to stripe nice...some arent..its not the operator its the mower.
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    if the striper button doesnt may want to see if your deck is level that helps.

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    A whole lotta things can affect striping...type of grass, whether or not you have a striping kit, height of cut, deck pitch, whether you double cut or not. Oh and the type of blades you're using, and how sharp they are.

    I have 2 lawns side by side, you'd never guess we cut them always has awewsome stripes, the other...well...:laugh:
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    Sometimes my lawn stripes well, sometimes it doesn't. I'm using 1/4" pitch (back higher). Anybody run at 1/2" pitch ---> I'd really like better striping.

    Also, I'm using high lifts on a Quick 36 and bagging.

    Any help to get some nice stripes would be appreciated.

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