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  1. turftigerelite

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    I've been mowing for a few years now and i know how to stripe pretty good. but when i try to put two striping patterns over the other, it doesnt look good. can anyone tell me how i can do that?
  2. fergman

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    you might have to mow 1 direction for 2 or maybe even 3 weeks DEPENDING on what type of grass you have. then mow another set of stripes a different angle WITHOUT mowing over your stripes from the previous weeks. then the next week if you look and you cant hardly see the 2nd angle you mowed the prior week then mow over it again. try that and it does take patience.
  3. MJS

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    Try going over only the white (towards you) stripes in both directions. This helps define your pattern better. and will last longer than the conventional way.
  4. turftigerelite

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    hey thanks guys

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