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    I have a new Super Z 30hp Kohler 66"deck.

    I'm looking to add a striping kit and a mulching kit. What should I expect to pay for these two kits?

    With the mulching kit do I need to purchase new blades also or continue with the Fusion blades that came with my mower?
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    Congrats on the new mower and welcome to the family !!

    Here is the information on what your asking for and the MSRP pricing.

    Kit, Mulch 66/72" XR-7, Hustler Z / Super Z 108565 $199
    Fits serial # 07020275 and after

    Kit, Stripe Roller 66", 72" XR-7 106880 $305

    The mulch kit does not come with blades, you will need to buy 3 of part # 798504, they are teh wavy mulching blades.
    I would not run the Fusions with the mulch kit.
    Hope this helps.


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