Striping and new 36" Viking

Discussion in 'Original Pictures Forum' started by DLONGLANDSCAPING, Apr 15, 2010.

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    I'd say the biggest one is the motel that I do. I sometimes break out the tractor on that one. Less work and actually can be faster if you do it right. I can normally be in and out in around 2.5-3 hours.
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    WOW nice mower. What did that thing run you? Looks like your doing good.
  3. A.Landscaping

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    Looks real good! Thats a good looking mower! Good luck this year sounds like your doing well! :clapping:
  4. Lazer Cut

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    65 accounts? dam man, how old are you if you dont mind me asking? and are you in school?
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    Looks great.
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    65 accounts? dam man, how old are you if you dont mind me asking? and are you in school?

    Im guessing 17 about to be 18 cause his sig says insured and licensed in august...
  7. Lazer Cut

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    thought that could that could be a typo

    DLONGLANDSCAPING LawnSite Bronze Member
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    thanks for the compliments, im scared to say the price of the viking. I was going to buy a 36" metro at weingartz but it was 3600 out the door. this was a demo unit that never was actually demo'd it was sitting in a crate with no gas/oil/hydro oil in it. They sold it to me with brand new sulky and bagger for 4200 out the door. I couldnt pass that up.

    As for the age, i am 17, will be 18 in august, i thought i could be solo with 65 customers and school, but thats not going to happen. I just hired a worker and we are flying by and i like to say that we are doing more proffessional work than the biggest companies around. I might be getting another helper once the first helper is key'd in on what the route is, and then i will have them purely do lawn maintenance and i will be doing mulch installs and estimates and handeling paper work. I love mowing though so that is if we pick up some more accounts which is happening daily.

    For the accounts. I have 40-45 small ( 1/6-1/2 an acre)accounts like 2 passes literally for a 60" mower on the smallest (i will be using the 36 but just an example of how small the lots are) I have 15-20 prettty big accounts. these all are just numbers and arent exact. The only thing im shitting my pants about is the billing. Last year 25 customers had me sitting on word for 3 hours printing and recording bills. this year i got the quickbooks pro for my mac and may uncle is luckly for me, bad for him, at home out of work with a hip replacement and he is a small business banker. He set everything up for me, inputted all the customer names and made a payroll for me with the tax id. I also got the quickbook checks so i can write checks to my helper all legally and recorded.

    Work has been full swing since before spring break and its stressing me out a little. I love all the customers though and the 50 customers are on 4 streets in a small neighborhood, and then then like 3 streets in my neighborhood with like 5 in a row 3 times. So it will go pretty fast.

    The next purchases i will be making is a 24" STIHL Chain saw, 23hp billy goat leaf loader, qds bagger for my exmark, and a 2010 f-250 with a plow and dump for snow and fall. If i get this i will be all set

    Also, about the viking, i got an extended 3year warrenty on everything and a 6 month engine and hydro pumps after the 3 years runs out. This machine will be with me a long time and thats why i went with the hydro.
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    how is quickbooks pro? I only have 25 resi and 7 commercials and was wondering if its worth it... so you've grown from 25 clients to 60+ in one year? Dang I hope I blow up like that... I'm actually sitting waiting at the dealer right now for my grandstand... they're putting a stripe kit on it. Just got them in yesterday. Can't wait to use it and see how it does... hope it worth the extra $$
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    Looks great glad to see that you got a good 36

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