Striping --- and not in a good way.

Discussion in 'Homeowner Assistance Forum' started by jeffinsgf, Jun 10, 2007.

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    Okay, mowing experts, I need some help.

    John Deere 455 garden tractor. I refinished my 60" deck this Spring. 'Blasted it, painted it, and put new gator blades on it. When I set it back up, I was very careful in aligning the deck -- level side to side and about 1/8 lower in front. I am mowing a zoysia yard, and as some of you know, this is the time of year that zoysia starts getting really thick and beautiful. Everything I have read on the subject suggests keeping zoysia cut relatively low.

    The density of my turf encouraged me to set the deck just a little lower than I have been using -- probably 1-7/8"

    While I hadn't noticed it before, now it looks like I have an alignment problem on my deck. I have perceptible lines where the deck is cutting deeper in one spot. It wasn't very noticeable until a couple hours after I finished mowing. It almost looks like one spindle is lower than the other two.

    Is that possible? Or is it definitely side to side? The reason I am suspicious of one spindle is that the "short stripe" is almost perfectly level from side to side, as is the "tall stripe"

    I can't get to checking it out today, but I will tomorrow or Tuesday.

    Absolutely any thoughts on the problem are welcome.
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    Sometimes the area where the spindle bolts to isn't level (if you hit something hard one time). To check it just pop the deck off, lean it against the rear tires ir something so you can see the blades, then turn the blades so the cutting edges are next to each other. If the blades all line up then you'll know you didn't have the deck level and go from there. Just make sure all spindle bolts, and blade bolts are tight and also check the air in tour tires (sounds stupid but we get a lot of mowers in the shop where thats their whole problem.)
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    measure your cut grass with a tape measure to verify that it's not a optical illusion.

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