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Discussion in 'Industry Surveys & Polls' started by ozark, Mar 19, 2007.

  1. ozark

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    I would like my john deere mower to stripe better so ive turned to lawnsite for answers. I have learned that deck rake is very important. I plan on adjusting my deck so that im 1/4" lower in front. My question is this....Do you guys achieve this rake through adjustment on your deck holders or do you adjust in the holes on your deck spindles. I know you can do it either way but if you adjust through your deck wheel spindles you will be running them on the ground full time thus wearing your spindles and deck wheels out. I know everyone runs differently...some people run with deck wheels up and some down. What do you guys prefer? My John Deere is a 62" cut x595 rider. Any help would be appreciated:usflag:
  2. brownsallseasonlandscape

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    Not all of your striping ability comes from deck rake. Yes, this has a little bit to do with it but more than anything it is two things you probably cant achieve. Vacuum is number one the more suction upward you create the cleaner looking you stripes will be. The second thing is the leading edge of your deck and how the deck was formed. Your mower has a stamped deck rather than a fabricated deck. The straight up and down leading edge of an exmark or hustler is said to have a ton of affect on the outcome of the quality of cut. The best suggestion i can give is to go to a truck stop or tractor supply company and purchase a very stiff mud flap for a semi and cut it in to 5-6" strips and affix them to the rear of the deck only in between the rear wheels. Make sure that it is putting plenty of pressure on the grass.

    Good luck being the envy of your neighborhood.
  3. ozark

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    Thanks for the advice. I cant wait until mowing season to see how the deck rake adjustment alone works. If it doesnt get the desired affect i will add some mud flaps. I currently run gator mulcher blades. I know these have less vacuum, so i might have to change blades. Does anyone have a recommendation or should i just go back to oem blades? I like the mulchers due to the fact they really chew up the clippings.
  4. ribbie78

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    The mulchers work good in the fall when you're munching leaves; but the high-lift blades are good for about 80% of the rest of the time. I get mine from J.Thomas and run about 7-9 bucks a blade and they're pretty strong. Good luck!

    As far as getting the different blades for your rider your local JD dealer could at least give you a few options. However; for the most part of your season I'd think oem or some hi-lift blades would give you better results than the mulching blades. Not sure though.

  5. ozark

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    I adjusted my deck pitch and am very happy with the results. I am still running mulch blades which are known to have less lift. On my next blade changeout i will try high lifts to see how they stripe as well.
  6. dmanb2b

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    try have striping kits for almost any tractor...I run their set-up on my JD LX280 AWS and it leaves an amazing stripe...they are pricey, but then again so was your tractor and it just so happens the stripping kit is green and yellow:)
  7. ribbie78

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    I'll 2nd Dmanb2b. I have a bigleaguelawn roller on my 48" exmark wb. Great stripe, it "lifts" when going over bumps, on or off trailer, etc. Pricey but worth it in my opinion. Same price as getting a good trimmer, so if you look at it as commercial equipment it pays for itself with the AMAZING appearance it creates.

    :laugh: it does scream JOHN DEERE all over it too :laugh: green n' yeller

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