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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by highplainsdrifter, May 23, 2006.

  1. highplainsdrifter

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    Looking to purchase a striping kit for my Husqvarna IZ4818. Any suggestions?
  2. wahlturfcare

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    I made my own out of pvc solid rollers that I machined out. It works very well and is similar to the scag setup. I can post pictures if needed. they are not that hard to make and can be done in a day.
  3. batrams

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    Does husqvarna offer a kit, if yes how much.
  5. Accu-cut Lawn Care

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  6. Accu-cut Lawn Care

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    IF your machine has a back bumper...take a piece of angle iron...well hell, just do a search on chain stripe kits and you will gain all of the info you need. union turf made a good one- but, i modified the design to use welds rather than bolts. If you aren't handy, I have one I could sell.
  7. philweid

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    I have been debating about wheather to put a pvc roller on my 618 frontmount grasshopper mower. Grasshopper come with a little flap, but part of mine seems to be missing. I'm not impressed with how it stripes. I have been deciding how I could modify it for my mower. Wahlturfcare, could you post some pictures?? I would certainly help me get going with the project. Thanks
  8. philweid

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    Accu-cut Lawn Care, how does the chain striping kits work. Would you just mount on mower deck, and when you put the deck down, it would go down??
    I have a frontmount grasshopper and it might be hard to modify it, not much space between the rear of the deck and the front tires. Finally, does it get caught on things easily? Thanks.
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  9. Accu-cut Lawn Care

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    On ztr mowers, chain stripe kits mount to the back bumper. The striper should extend about 3 or 4 inches past the insides of the back tires. The chains should have at least 4 inches of ground contact on flat surfaces. The chains closest to the tires should be 1 or 2 links shorter to eliminate the possibilty of getting sucked under while reversing. Set up like this, they do not have any ill effects on curbhopping or maneuvering.

    On an outfront mower DO NOT mount chains on the trailing edge of the deck...They could become entangled with the blades! A roller for:usflag: your deck may be your best option for good striping.

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