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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by ztrguy, Jul 28, 2003.

  1. ztrguy

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    I'm cutting with a 52" Exmark Lazer HP. Of course it cuts different depending on what type of grass I'm cutting. On certain lawns it doesn't leave the clean stripe that I prefer. It leaves the 3 lines behind each pass through the lawn. :mad: I do not have a striping kit. My question is: If I get a striping kit, will it lay the grass down so that you cannot see the 3 lines? Will it make the cut look smooth and even instead of the crapsman rider look? Anyone that has a striping kit or knows any suggestions for this please let me know.

  2. John Gamba

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    If You are Leaving uncut grass, Matbe Your Deck Picth Is Off. Make sure Your Deck Is A 1/4 " Higher In The Rear.

    Oh No A Striping Kit Woun't Help With Uncut Grass.
  3. jaredslawncare

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    John, I dont think he means 3 strips of uncut grass, he means 3 strips of grass that doesnt lay down as well as the surronding grass, but it doesnt seem to stand out from the stripe, I know this because I too have expierenced this problem with my HP. How do you fix it??
  4. imograss

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    make sure your anti scalp wheels arent laying the grass over before the blades have a chance to lift the grass.
  5. steve in Pa.

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    i would definitley recomend getting the stripe kit. we put two on our lazers this year and what a difference it made. side by side against competition the stripping kits blow away the competitors stripes with there exmark walk behinds with no kit. best 350 we
    ve spent.
  6. Buckeye1

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    Ztrguy- I think know the “streaks” you are speaking of. When you step back and look at the stripes it appears to have streaks in the middle of them. The grass is cut but not all laying down the same direction.

    A striping roller will lay all the grass down in the same direction. Not only will the roller solve the “streaks” problem but it will also blend the tire tracks in to form one solid stripe.

    A chain kit like Turflex sells would probably also take the “streaks” out but judging by my own experience with chain kits, the chains won’t blend the tire tracks to form a solid stripe.

    Take a look at some stripe pics on lawnsite. Most all pics from mowers without striping rollers still show the tire marks.

    So…to answer your question – the striping roller will solve the problem.

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