striping kit

double e

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lewes, delaware
I was wondering where to get a striping kit.
Will one fit on a 2000 2560 WOODS mower,Toro w/behinds,Ferris, or Grsshopper. They all stripe somewhat for me but would like to make more of a difference.

What a consisted of the kits- roller?
how much ?


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I don't use anything and I stripe farily well.
If you want to make one I think they are real simple. check out Eric's site, I believe you will find the info you need


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Tom im sure you can make the toro or any fit, but you can also just make one with old tire rubber and nuts and bolts. I don't use anything and get awsome stripes with a snapper 52 walkbehind and my Z-Master. I bet if you keep going the same direction for 4 weeks youll notice more detail.