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Discussion in 'eXmark' started by FERT-TEK, May 13, 2004.


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    Which of your striping kits will most closely fit on a 52" Toro Z-500 with the new turboforce deck? What can be done to make it fit? I have tried the Toro striping kit, it sucks to say the least. PLEASE HELP!!!!
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    FLC Dave,

    Well by the deck size alone I would have to say 52". The roller for the LHP 52 is 36.30" and full size LZ 52 is 37.50.

    I believe the Anti-scalp roller brackets on the Toro are bolted on (the roller brackets are used to attach the striper). You should be able to modify a bracket to get it to work.

    Thanks, Fred.
  3. meby

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    a 60" exmark striping kit will fit. No modifications needed

    FERT-TEK LawnSite Bronze Member
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    A 60" on a 52" deck sounds like a tight fit send me pictures of yours meby. Good first post also.
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    The reason a 60 Exmark roller comes close to fitting a 52 Toro has to do with the spread of the antiscalp wheel brackets on the mower decks.

    The toro brackets set almost all the way out on the deck where the Exmark brackets set farther to the inside of the deck.

    The problem with using an exmark roller is the roller bracket might not get low enough. If you look at the brackets on the Exmark mower, they extend below the mower deck. The toro deck brackets are flush with the bottom. This means the Exmark roller can't be lowered as much on the Toro as it can on the Exmark deck.

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