Striping Kits- The best way to make them?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by elitelawnteam1, Feb 14, 2011.

  1. cwby_ram

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    The factory kit on my Tiger Cub works the best out of anything I've tried, however, I made on for the big mower a few years ago out of an old rubber bedmat. It worked great, except that my bracketry left something to be desired. Laid down some nice stripes until it fell off. But it didn't cost me anything. I'm working on a new one now. I'll use old steel rollers I picked up from a local golf course. I'll just have to buy bearings and some metal to make brackets.
    Just for the record, my old wb laid down some really nice stripes with no kit at all.
  2. Raceral

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    Here is some more of my yard with my home made kit
  3. The YardSlayer

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    What is your kit made from
  4. Raceral

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    Back up on this thread and you will see pics of it on my Yazoo mower..
  5. elitelawnteam1

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    yeah, my ferris doesn't stripe too well, this spring i'll be getting a Vantage, and i've always been told that Exmarks stripe well. even without an extra kit
  6. nobagger

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    I tried the chain thing before but after unloading the mower from my old trailer, the links would get stuck in the expanded metal causing problem after problem. I sucked it up and bought a BigLeauge roller kit and the stripes come out awesome. If your on a really tight budget I would just mount some angle iron to the mower, find some ticker (maybe the thickness of a nickel or so) drill holes to attach it to the angle iron, slot it a bit for when it wears down and mount it....presto a stripe kit that probably only cost 20-30 bucks. I would stay away from chains, they get twisted up causing time delays, you could step on them causing God know's what to happen. Our Gravely OEM stripe kits are only thin pieces of slotted rubber.

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