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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by NBurke3652, Nov 20, 2007.

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    I seem to find myself double cutting every yard that I cut. I seem to be a perfectionist when it comes to stripes and I can't leave the property unless I can perfectly see the definition of the stripes. I have pretty good equipment ....I run a 61" Scag Turf Tiger with the advantage deck(it doesn't stipe as well as the velocity deck and it does have rollers but does't seem to work as well as I want) I also run a 52" scag hydro WB with the velocity deck and it stripes pretty well, and a scag belt drive 36" WB with the advantage deck.. Do you all suggest any type of makeshift rollers that I can do myself to any of these mowers??

    Also, I am a small business that is growing little by little each year. I have about 32 accounts and 1 other employee that I pay by the hour.. I am looking to buy some sort of quick Books program.. Which do you guys suggest.. the 2008 pro or the 2008 simple start..Like I said I am fairly new to all this so I am leaning towards the simple start but need some help.
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    We use Quickbooks Pro 2007 and it does everything we need it to. The tax reporting is great and very easy to use. For a small guy starting out, this is all you need.
    As for the striping issue, do a search on this forum and you'll find volumes of questions, answers and suggestions.
    Good luck with the business!
  3. naturescape

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    Scag offers a striping roller for this mower which looks like the best around, check it out on their website. Have you looked into it?
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    Try the belting. It is cheap and works. Try Gopher for your bookkeeping.
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    Have you tried cutting the grass a bit longer?..say 3" to 3 1/4".. you might get more bend out of the grass.. i have the scag ztr 48" with rollers only use the rollers on my high end costumers or where im looking to add more accounts in a neighborhood. in most cases i stilll see the lines even after a week..all depends on how fast the lawn grows.Quick books is very good..and easy to use once its set up my .02$..... Oh and make sure you blades are Sharp!

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