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    Ok guys probably had ya thinking its another "do I need a stripe kit?" post but its not.

    I'm looking at picking up a Striper for sports fields. We've been doing fields for the last 5 years with equipment supplied by the club. Un happy with the quality and they are finally warming up to a long term contract I';m now looking for a striper. Does anyone out there have suggestions on stripers? I know Toro has a new one out that I've been reading up on and I know there are others. So suggestions would be helpful.
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    What the Heck is a "Striper for a Sports Fields" ?

    If your Looking for a Striper for your eXmark get the eXmark Striper.
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    Oh I knew you would have a response. I think I should of elaborated, some thing sound more humourous when I type it the first time.

    I'm looking for a machine to spray field markings on sports fields such as soccer, baseball or football. So simply a Line Painter.

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    Anyone else or just trusty fareway?
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    We use something very similar to that now with the rattle cans and not happy. Machines are too light, bounce around too much and the price on the cans keeps going up. I"m looking for something more like this....
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    Jeff, What kind of markings are you using and what kind of fields are they. We used to run some softball complexes and we used lime to chalk the batters box and foul line. Since it was a softball field it had to be done everyday when we dragged the diamonds. We could have used paint for the out field foul line but we found that lime actually worked better because it would prevent the grass from growing and keeping the paint to need re done more often. The lime in the outfield became permanent after awhile. I don't remember the exact name of the lime, but it isn't the kind used on lawns.

    Here is a place to get an idea of different machines available.
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    Thanks for the link soupy. We do anywhere from 25-50 soccer fields once a week each field. The town which owns the land does not want grass inhibitors layed down. So we need to "paint" the lines on.
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    jeff I just viewed the link to toro you provided. So I guess you are using paint. If you can use dry line I would highly consider it. We used something similar to the products on the right side of this page . We also had the paint liners but we didn't like them. We didn't have anything like what you linked to though.

    If you are doing football fields etc. I could see how paint might be better. The dry line is more permanent and does kill the grass creating a sunken line were the grass would normally be. It would work for sidelines ok, but again you would have to except the fact you would be killing the grass under that line.

    EDIT: we were posting at the same time. I now see you are in-fact doing soccer fields and dry line is out. You still might find something useful in that link though. Good Luck..

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