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    i know prices arent usually discussed here but could someone please give me a rough idea of striping prices??? im on long island thank you my email is if youd like to discuss it privately thank you
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    so its x amount per line but what about the line between stalls?? do you charge that at a linear foot price?? thank you for any help i could use it
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    Pricing varies from location to location and availability of materials and quality of materials and on and on. ...Basically it is what you are worth. if you can buy your materials and you are the only worker then just add what you are happy to take home.

    paint cost (5 gal) $50- 80
    coverage of paint is about 350 lf per gal (1750 lf per 5)
    so basically you got to charge about so much just to cover the paint cost plus labor plus other misc expenses.
    My lines are per foot, stencils is more for time.

    For example below..........(based on 4" lines)
    ( spots are 9'x18" ) so 21 x 36' = 756'
    Handi spot 2 x 9' = 18'
    Long line between spots 2 x 90' = 180'
    Hatch Marks 1 x 15' = 15' Total lin ft = 969 ft of line @ ( your price .14/.18/.20/? per ft) ( so you need 3 gallons of paint / $ 50.00 cost of paint)
    add the H/C stencil ( Based on time ) $25/$35/ ? )

    That's how I figure out quotes. ( I also have a minimum price, so if less then Minimum, I charge the Minimum price.) $ 250/$300/ ? )
    Hope this helps !!

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    Thu, April 22, 2010 5:45:28 AMpricing striping
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    In this article I want to cover pricing or bidding parking lot striping jobs. This is a task that new stripers sometimes find overwhelming. However, the process of pricing a parking lot striping job is really not that complicated when you break the task down into sections. My goal is to get about 20 cents per linear foot for 4" striping, 60 cents per linear foot for curbing (edge of a walkway), and $50 - $60 per hour plus materials for other markings that cannot be calculated by the square foot. (i.e. arrows, light bases, bumpers, etc...) Keep in mind that your prices may be higher or lower depending on your market.

    The first thing I do is count and price 4" lines that are in the lot. I start with the spaces. Each 20 foot line is considered a space. If there is a line separating cars that park nose to nose that is calculated separately. I normally multiply the number of spaces by $4 which is the same thing as adding up all the linear feet and multiplying by 20 cents. Then I add up the linear feet of all the other 4" lines in the parking lot and multiply by 20 cents. This will include centerlines between nose to nose parking, any firelane striping, any lines down the middle of the road and any hatch areas. Now you have a total for all of the 4" striping in the parking lot.

    Next you want to calculate pricing for other markings in the parking lot such as arrows, light bases and bumpers. I normally charge $15 - $25 for an arrow depending on the size, 60 cents per linear foot for curbing, $10 per parking lot bumper, and $20 per light base. Another way to price odd items like this is to take the amount of time it will take you to paint the item and multiply that by your rate per minute. (I use $1 per minute or $60 per hour) Then add to that the cost of your materials times two. For example, if it will take 20 minutes for you to paint a light base and $2 in paint you would charge $20 plus $4 for a total of $24 per base.

    For potholes that I can patch with bagged asphalt I normally price the same as odds and ends. I double the cost of my asphalt and estimate the time it will take me to apply it and add those number together.

    Here is an example of a simple parking lot.

    100 spaces - $400
    400 feet of centerline - $80
    400 feet of other 4" - $80
    200 feet of curbing - $120
    6 medium arrows - $90
    Two 12" x 20 stop bars - $48 (1.20 per lf x 40) Two pot holes - $40 (20 minutes plus ($10 x 2) for materials)

    Total - $838

    Remember, set a per linear foot price for striping and apply that to as much of the lot as possible. Then set prices for odds and ends. When in doubt, use the double the materials plus $50-$60 per hour method. When you price by the linear foot, remember that the hourly rate, materials etc.. are all in that per linear foot price. You do not need to add those items in again.

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