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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by LazerZ101, Oct 3, 2000.

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    Last week I made posts about making my stripes more exciting. I decided from talking to many people to buy the "E-Z Striper" from York Sheet Metal. This is an extremely high quality addition to your Lazer. Mike makes them with ball bearings, stainless steel, and painted "EXmark red". I didn't want to wait for ups delivery so I decided to drive to York, PA (2 hour drive) and pick up one before they left for the day. After a less than half hour installation I was cutting the darkest and lightest stripes I've ever cut before! Very high quality and highly recommended. They are currently selling these rollers for $250.00

    Scott Harris
    H&H LawnCare

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  2. With the use of AutoCad Mech. Desktop I am designing a sit down sulky with a 60" roller attached.

    This will be used on my 62" walkbehind and mostly used on sports fields.
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    <IMG SRC="" HEIGHT=20 WIDTH=20> Any manufacturer of this type of product interested in expanding their sales possibilities via the net should contact Ed at <B></B> by pointing and clicking their mouse over
    <A HREF=""><FONT FACE="Arial" SIZE="2" COLOR="#ff0000">THIS</A></FONT> word.

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    Lawrence Stone wrote:

    {With the use of AutoCad Mech. Desktop I am designing a sit down sulky with a 60" roller attached. }

    This is a killer idea. Since I already use a sit down sulky this should be pretty easy to add. Thanks for the idea L.S.!
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    JD engineers tell me they are almost done for the 7 iron decks.
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    Well, I did it. I finally decided to just go ahead and get the Yorksheet products. I got both the striping kit and the OCDC. Man, am I impressed! First of all, these things are ALOT heavier duty and better built than I'd ever thought they'd be! I'm talking some real steel here! I was making my own OCDC, but just never had the time to finish it, and frankly, I'm glad I went this route. As far as both of these products are concerned, what an example of engineering! The stripes on my new lawn I just started (mowed once - double cut) look just like my stripes on the yard across the street with 4 weeks laid down. This is gonna be AWESOME, especially when I really get the patterns going. As far as the OCDC goes, well, this to me is a BIG break in the liability issue. I feel ALOT better having this thing available to use, and what a heavy plate. A definite two thumbs up, recommendable package. Along with my light setup now, I'd say that I have a fully accessorized Lazer now.
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    as soon as i get extra money i'm gunna get a stripping bar. even though a my lazer strips great i want the best looking strips around.
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    Do they make one for the 52" deck? If so who has the ordering and POC information? Thanks in advance & sorry if I missed it in a pre-post
    Strawbridge Lawn & Landscape
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    I kept in contact for a while with Mike last year and I got some pics of both the OCDC and the roller on my website in case anyone wanted to see what these guys are talking about.

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