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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by realdeal, Sep 2, 2012.

  1. realdeal

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    This thing doesnt make the yard look as good as my residential troy bilt. It cuts awesome but leaving striping lines just arent there. How can some mower decks make yards look good and the others dont make any lines really. I dont understand that. I have a small back yard and Ill go cut it in a few minutes and show you on here. In the mean time, i have a pic or two of what my residential mower does.
    The mower i just bought it a Toro Z Master 3000. It has the turbo force deck. 54 inch i believe it is.

    Now dont get me wrong, the toro leaves an awesome looking cut, just not really any noticable lines.
    What am i doing wrong. I have cut using it from 3-3.5 inches. We have a lot of St. Augustine where im cutting. I know i can get a striping kit for it but im trying to see what im doing wrong with it like it is.
  2. realdeal

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    This isnt much but it leaves more of a noticable pattern than my Toro is.
  3. realdeal

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    This is my backyard after the troy bilt residential a month or so ago.


    This is with the Toro about 10 minutes ago.


    I had the Toro set at 3.5 inches.
    Its pretty decent grass that looks good in my opinion. Its very aggressive grass that has 0 weeds i think.
    Looks like the only thing that lays over is the tire pattern. The blades just cut the grass off and leaves it standing straight up.
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  4. mowerbrad

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    When I demoed a Toro with a 60" turboforce deck a couple years ago, I could not get that thing to stripe to save my soul. The stripes were extremely faint at best, the cut was crisp and clean but the stripes weren't there like pretty much every other mower left. Being a demo machine I assumed that the pitch of the deck was off and the dealer just hadn't leveled the deck.
  5. smallstripesnc

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    I've been experiencing the same kind of issue with a new walk behind. I had an older Scag 36 in with Oregon Gator blades and now have a Gravely hydro with the stock blades and it doesn't stripe no where near as good as the Scag did. I really don't think the blades would make THAT big of a difference but I haven't tried Gator's on my Gravely yet.
  6. Bob_n_weave

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    Have the pitch of deck checked at your dealer, if that doesn't do it you can buy my stripe kit for cheap
  7. Androyy

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    I have a toro 36 WB with turbo deck. great cut quality, stripes arent to bad, but i use a goslide, my stripes are beautiful, even on weedy lawns, but I'm cutting cool season grasses. Toros work great over here
  8. dieseltech

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    Cant see your location on my phone but the biggest factors in striping are grass type, deck pitch and blade choice.
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  9. Aleman

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    We have a couple of 52 grandstands and neither one stripes at all. My wrights all stripe great. The toros leave a better cut and I assumed thats why they didnt stripe well. The grass isnt being pushed down when being cut...

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