striping with chains ?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by BOTURF, Dec 8, 2003.


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    what about when you back off the ramp of trailer, you sure dont want to get hung up on something ,so do you fold chains up or what do you do with them ? really would like to see some detailed pics of installation and finished product
  2. craigs lawncare

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    I have the Turflex striping set-up.
    Unfortunately I don't have a digital camera.
    I took some pics of my yard after I stripped it and of the way I have the set-up mounted on my Gravely 260Z about three weeks ago, but have not used up the roll of film. Give me a few days and I will see what I can do to post some pic's after I get them developed.
    I could see where backing off the ramp of a trailer could be a problem if the back of your mower currently has clearance problems or comes close to rubbing.
    However, only two pins hold the unit on the mower so it can be easily disconnected if you have to.
    I don't know what mower you use but my Gravely has a very long rear-end compared to other Z's. Chances are, if I can set my mower up for the proper clearance when un-loading with-out having to disconnect the stripper, yours will be all right as well.

    The chains do a pretty good job at stripping as well.:D

  3. imograss

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    I dont have any problems running over my chains. I made it large enough so they won't fall through the gate.

    440x332 superz chains&hitch.jpg
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    I had the problem of chains falling between the boards on my trailer and getting caught up. What I did was take a thin piece of metal rod, slid it through all the bottom links and then welded the 2 ends. No problems now.

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