striping with Wright Standers

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by dgrazdude, Jul 8, 2002.

  1. dgrazdude

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    Hi gentlemen,

    I am wondering if anyone running a Stander has any info on a striping kit for them. There seems to be little room between the
    power wheels and the back of the deck for a striping kit.

    If you don't know please don't give me the usually answer of "do a search". I already have.
  2. How much space does a 1/8 or 1/4 inch peice of rubber take up?

    That's all you need, make your own.

    BTW I take it your stander does not stripe well, but then again are you getting paid more for the stripes?
  3. AielLandscaping

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    LGF i've been trying to make a kit out of a tire, since you always suggest it what would you say is the best way to chop it up? just use the tread or should some of the sidewalls be left on so there is more rubber on the ground?
  4. Tread would be ideal because it is the only part of the tire that when cut and laid flat on the ground will be the most uniform.

    You can use the side wall also, but you can't use just the side wall.

    The tread is the best part.

    Next SAW-ZAW to cut it.

    Now how wide do you need it?

    Measure from say 2" up on the back of the deck to 2" below the deck. Well that's only 4"! make it so it does not rub the ground and has about 1" gap from the ground.

    Tire is tough so a bolt, washers and a nut should do in mounting it.

    BTW a 205 ? r? tires will give you plenty of tread to use. That's close to 10"
  5. Rooster

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    Another option:

    Go to a Truck Stop or Semi Trailer Repair place and buy a mud flap, cut what you need out of that.

  6. dgrazdude

    dgrazdude LawnSite Member
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    Thanks for the reply. The Stander stripes very nicely, but better is always better.:)
    The question I have with using the rubber strip is will it starve it for air, reducing the amount of lift?
  7. Shouldn't effect anything at all. It probable does all good.

    I think all mower decks could use a lower skirt in the back of the deck, but that leaves more area to catch on stuff and the rubber it perfect becasue it has much more give than steel.

    The lower skirt keeps debirs from getting slung out the back of the deck. Just think of what dogs leave behind.

    Can you takes some pics?
  8. dgrazdude

    dgrazdude LawnSite Member
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    unfortunately, I do not have a digital camera.

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