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    Thank you sir. Deck as posted previously is 1/8" higher in the back, tire pressure was correct in all tires, new high lift scag blades, and I will have to try your last suggestion next time. Thanks for all the advice.
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  2. 205mx

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    Those aren't bad. Id do a makeshift chain striper
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    lol well not being a bobcat is the biggest prob, just kidding, your pitch is right, the longer you cut it the better it will stripe, i dunno what the guy was thinkin that said to cut it shorter:hammerhead:
  4. LifeBack Lawns

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    Those actually work?
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  5. My Bob-Cat never did stripe very well until I mounted a piece of heavy conveyor belt to the rear of the deck and now it stripes some yards very good and just so so on the others. Some grasses stripe way better than others. I do wish that my Bob-Cat striped better without my home made striping kit. I think the Bob-Cat decks just don't generate much vacuum and I attribute that to the discharge chute being so small and essentially limiting the exhaust so that it can't generate a lot of vacuum. The newest Bob-Cat's came with a slightly wider discharge chute but, I don't know if they made much difference as far as striping goes. I'm all ears if anyone has some suggestions. I've already been though adjusting the deck pitch 1/8 to 1/4 inches lower in the front and that never helped I hate to say.
  6. StanWilhite

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    If there is only 1/8" pitch in your deck it probably drops to "level" (no pitch) when you get on the mower since the weight of the operator adds more weight to the rear tires than the front. I'd try resetting the deck so that it has 1/4" deck pitch with you on the mower.
    Good luck! Stan
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    On my DC I have best luck with 3/8 to 1/2 pitch My stripes isn't bold like people having a striper kit But they are nice stripe
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    really, my bobcats out stripe just about any type of mower around here, def. much better than the scags i used to have..
  9. Yeah, what year models are your Bob-Cat's?
  10. Richard Martin

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    The grass is not a deep green to begin with. As you have noted, it looks like it is water stressed but the truth is that it is fert stressed. Green it up and if you still have not achieved the desired results, use a real striper, like a Big League Lawns roller (heavy) or something like that. 90% of the stripes I see here at Lawnsite are more like just tire marks with very little striping effect. I do get decent stripes on Southern grasses but it's because I use a roller.

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