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Stripping Kits

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This is all new stuff to me. Can somebody give me a quick class on exactly how a stripping kit works and how it makes the lawn stripes? Do most customers like the stripes? How does the stripping kit affect the health of the grass. Thanks.
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Use the search option for more info but heres basic-

A striping kit helps to lay the grass down after its been cut- this is what causes the stripes. For the most pat customers don't mention the stripes in particular but many people here on LS believe that it makes the job look more professionally done. To the best of my knowledge it doesn't effect the health of the grass either way.

Chief: Striping is a visual effect. Sunlight reflecting off of grass bent in opposing directions appears as light and dark stripes. Next time you vacuum the carpet in your home, notice the striping. Same thing.
Striping has no negative effect on the lawn if proper tools are used.
Ditto what everyone else said. It is usually a weighted roller or chain attached to the back of the mower. Fairly simple. Here's some stipes from my 21" Honda hydro wb:

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Sorry about that- he asked what a STRIPPING kit was not a STRIPING kit! sorry to give you false information i have no idea what a stripping kit is! :laugh: Sorry i re-read and just couldnt help it

Oh yeah, I didn't notice that either...I guess I just gave a bunch of wrong info too! I have no idea what a stripping kit is, or why you would need one while mowing the lawn!!!!!!!
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