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Discussion in 'Irrigation' started by Island Lawn, Jul 18, 2001.

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    I want to get more into irrig maint
    Specifically, I want my customers irrig system operating effeciently.
    A few of my customers are being over-watered. All have diff mfg control boxes.
    What's the best way to learn how to program these things?
    I'm a bit intimidated / igmoronant
    If nothing else, I figure I can order manuals from the mfg.
  2. greasemonkey

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    Efficent use of water is a tricky thing to achieve on an old system that you did not instal. All too often the systems were never designed for efficent watering from the start and the efficency and uniformity of the coverage has only deteriorated over the years due to many lazy, poorly educated servicemen who serviced and altered the system w/o making sure that the changes were in keeping with the original plan. I've found that programming the controller is usually the easy part. They're kinda like vcr's...every brand is a little bit different, but each one needs the same basic set of information. Deciding what to tell the controller to do is the hard part. Zone run times will vary depending on the type of head used, the type of nozzles used in that head, what it is watering (shrubs / annuals / turfgrass) how sunny it is in that area, what type of soil is on the site and other conditions like proximity to asphault and whether or not the area is on a slope. Strart time should be in the early morning so as to avoid disrupting showers and etc. and to make sure that excess water does not stagnate on the lawn overnite while ensuring that the water doesn't burn off before it has a chance to soak in. Day schedule will be again be dictated by what and where you are watering and what type of soil it is planted in. Check with you cooperative extension office for good information.

    You will soon find that you will have to compromise. Both because the system is imperfect to begin with and because many customers doen't really want to spend the money to do the job right when is can be done sorta right for alot less money.

  3. Island Lawn

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    Good Info!

    Thanks a lot greasemonkey!
    That's the situation I am in.
    Older systems, poorly designed and installed.
    Customers not ready for a new one.
    I'm just trying to make the best of what exists.

    Good analogy w/ the VCR.
    I understand.

    Thank You!

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