Strongest/lightest/most reliable 2-stroke trimmer/edger

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Ijustwantausername, Jun 8, 2014.

  1. kc8prz

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    Pure Fire engines were originally designed by Tanaka and used since 1998 and going forward. Hitachi bought Tanaka in 2007.
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    Husqvarna 525 LST my man. Everything you want in a light powerful trimmer. Great color, weeks worth of string on the head, an even a 90 year old can pull the start cord.
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    Im not saying Hitachi are rubbish, just that the true Tanakas are the way to go for the contractor.
    As far as the Purefire engine, looking at the brochure, the PF engines are (for the most part,) on the Hitachi models.

    Take the photo below, the TBC 270S and the TBC 270PFS. Thats where the lines are getting a little hazy (there are both PF and standard engine) but there is a difference in the material the trimmers above it are made out of. They use the PF engine. Thats why Im saying, the PF engines are on the Hitachi machines. The TBC290/S dont even have a PF option. For the contractor, that or the 270S are the way to go.

    Besides that, I was just going off what the dealer told me about these things. He just said, stay away from the Purefire. He's the kind of dealer that you can trust to be telling the truth!

    The bottom pic shows what Im talking about with the "look" of these things. The PF chainsaw has an obviously different look to the true Tanaka. As I said earlier, the true Tanaka's look old school, the Hitachi are looking pretty flash, no doubt to attract the eye of the home owner.

    The Tanaka's I see in shopping centres, discount hardware places etc are the Hitachi, The contractor Tanaka's you get from dealers.

    Anyway, none of this really maters. I was just puting it out there are I only asked the dealer about it last week and have the brochure.

    In the end, if your a home owner and part time contractor then the Hitachi may be fine but if you want to be serious, get the true Tanaka, the old school type!


  4. Aaronnc

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    +1 You'll never go back to another trimmer.
  5. Holland

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    I love my old 22t shindaiwa trimmers. So light and run like a champ.
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    I see your TPS-270S from, I believe you said was the last August catalogue..-
    What I don't understand is that the trimmers are no longer bring offered by the company as they are no longer shown on the new 2014 internet web page.
    Could it be that your sales/service outlet made that comment as to push out soon to be obsolete trimmers? If you really believe him than maybe you might check if one is still available before they are all gone.. I do know first hand that the TP-270 is an excellent trimmer. I ran mine to hell and back till it died beyond financially feasible repair. The next generation bottom line 21.1 cc Pure Fire trimmers are still running just as strong on long jevity and not needing repairs according to the boys who took over the business.
    Admittadly Tanaka still has a few hold outs in the Chain saw department.
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  7. TPendagast

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    Yes, this is true.
    Hitachi Owns Tanaka in the same way as Briggs and Straton owns snapper.

    Im in the process of starting up a Tanaka Dealership.
    There aren't TRUE tanakas and secret "hitachi" tanakas.

    Where this dealer is coming up with his stories I don't know.

    I think some times guys just want to sound all knowledgeable n stuff.

    Trying to buy a Tanaka without a pure fire engine is like tying to buy a Skidoo with out a Rotax engine… but then insisting TRUE Skidoos are much better than Bombardier Skidoos…… :laugh::laugh:
  8. kc8prz

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    Thank you for stating this. The crux of the whole thing, I guess, that I am trying to get across is that there are companies that produce excellent products over there entire line. You don't have to spend more money to get commercial quality. It exists in their entire lineup. The reason to spend more would only be for a larger more powerful size or more versatile piece of equipment. But the one end of the price scale is just as commercially well built and durable as the other end. They produce no cheapened "home owner" models. However homeowners are fully welcomed and encouraged to buy.
  9. lawnsaspire

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    Husqvarna 223l. Use one on 66 lawns a wk with no trouble wk after wk. Super light.
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  10. sjessen

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    Is this the same trimmer as the Redmax 2350?

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