Struggling St Augustine (Houston, TX)

Discussion in 'Turf Renovation' started by staugust, Jun 7, 2009.

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    Help!! I have around 6,000 sqft of St Augustine grass and about half of it is struggling badly. The grass is turning yellow and extremely crunchy. It even hurts when you walk on it barefoot. I truly do not know what I'm doing wrong and need some help.

    It has not rained as much in the past couple of months. My sprinkler schedule is set to water every three days early in the morning for about 10 minutes in each station. I have the Rainbird 5000 rotors (if that helps at all). I applied Scotts Weed and Feed in late May and have not applied anything since. I was planning a second run by the end of June (per the recommendations on the bag).

    Should I be applying something else? Watering more? Watering less? I truly do not want the lawn to die on me!!

    I'll try to post some pictures tomorrow.

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    Definitely sounds like you need to increase your watering times. Next time your sprinkler is scheduled to water place some small containers in the dry spots in your yard. You will be amazed at how little an amount of water you are applying. I would estimate less than a 1/4".
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    I ran the sprinklers last night for 25 minutes (as opposed to 10, like I did before) and did the water test with some Tuna cans. With 25 mins I basically got a little bit less than half an inch of water on the cans. Therefore, I'll start watering twice a week for 30 minutes on each rotor station. Would this be a good amount of water for the lawn? This would give me roughly an inch of water a week (assuming no rain).

    Is the damage done fixable? The lawn looks in very bad shape. Some of the dry yellow blades come right off the root just by passing my hand through them.

    Thanks again!
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    Good Lord: Pour the water to it--Something like 1.5 hours every other day. St. Augustine loves nitrogen....We did a sod job two weeks ago and ran the sprinklers for 1.5 hours at every station every day....I checked the grass this past weekend and it has already started to grow stolons, beautiful color and thick thick thick. You've got to water deeply. We're now at every other day for two hours/station. Eventually I will cut it to every three days for two hours. Rotors do not put out much water. I prefer impact for larger lawns or carefully placed spray heads. Some rotors do a great job if set properly. By proper, I mean a good coverage from rotor out (Rain Curtain) on Rainbird.

    Water, water, water-- it may come back if the roots are not dead. On the nitrogen--1/2lb/-3/4lb every month during the growing season. I suggest you use all liquid or just hire it done. Urea (Water soluble) would be a good nitrogen choice. Check your pH and do a soil test. But unless you water that grass--you will not have to bother because it will be dead.
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    So simple yet so many overlook it.

    If it hasn't rained a lot you need to saturate the lawn at least twice a week,10 minutes is NOTHING.

    When it rains does it rain for 10 minutes every time? Of course not.If the lawn isnt getting hardly any natural water you have to provide it with that......don't be shy.

    Would you survive if you couldn't drink water for 3 days and when you did it was a bottlecap full? Of course not.Same with the grass.

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