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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by BRIAN GALLO, Sep 19, 2002.


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    After much debate, I've decided to bite the bullet and get a Z next year. I am a little leary because my area is hilly, but I will just have to get used to it. I can get some good end of year deals, but it's still a lot of cash for one of these machines. I've been trying to save some $$ this summer to buy one, but the drought had other plans for me! I hate to finance one and have another monthly payment to deal with, but I don't have much choice. What did you guys do? :confused:
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    I don't know what brand you are looking at but eXmark has buy now and no payments until April 2003 and interest starts at March 2003. You can have a machine now and not pay until the season begins. Check out their website, click their banner above. Their is a finance calculator right on their website to show you payment options and numbers with what plan you would prefer with the Sheffield company. Their good people to work with.
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    I got my Walker 20 hp about 4 months ago. Yup it sure was expensive but it was definatly worth the price. I saved up enough cash to pay for half of it and financed the rest. I don't like to finance things either but sometimes it can't be helped. The increase in productivity the walker has given me has increased my earnings. I have been able to pick up a few more accounts because I can do each job much quicker. You know what they say you have to spend money to make money. Good Luck!!!
  4. I am going to take a stab here and say that is Scheffield Finacial.

    That's some good terms, and would definitly reccomend the Exmarks the spot.
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    Shefield is offering the deal that you mentioned.

    When I first went into the lawn biz, I financed through Sheffield. The only reason they're offering this deal right now is that winter is coming. But in the spring, they offer the other deal. It doesn't sound as good but for many of the guys starting out, it's actually better. The spring deal is that you can have the mower with no payment for 3 months and no interest for 2.

    One thing that Sheffield does though, and you really kinda need to read the fine print. These are good deals IF you can make enough money fast enough, to pay them off. If you can't, you're in business with them for the life of the loan. If, at a later date, you find yourself in a position to pay off what you think will be about what the mower is worth, guess again. As soon as the interest month arrives at the beginning of the loan, Sheffield tacks every last penny and there is no reduced rate for early payoff. You will go for several years paying only on the interest and virtually nothing on principle.

    And finally, if you get behind on your notes, the penalties are outfrickingrageous! And they start their telephone tactics the very first day of your being in arrears. Also, if you get behind, they offer to roll payments over and extend the loan. But that means more notes at the end, with higher interest and more months where you're paying nothing on principle.

    If you deal with Sheffield, simply make a huge commitment to doing one of 2 things. Either beat the deal by lining up enough work to pay the mower off by the time the initial "free" period is up, or NEVER EVER miss a payment.

    Hoss. That was good, "Exmarks the spot.":D
  6. That would be LAWNGODFATHER not 65Hoss.

    I have finaced with them and picked my own terms they agreed to.

    No payment for Jan, Feb, March for 3 years.

    Read the fine print always when you sign a contract.

    King Commercial Credit is a lease place, they have much better terms than Sheffeild.
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    It is kinda hilly up there isn't it... I use cross over into southern PA from western MD.

    I belive you will love a ZTR. The hills actually make it interesting and keep you on your toes.

    I have been on a three month "grounds maintenance" detail, from Jul-Sep, on a small AFB in eastern NC. The best Z we have is a Hustler with a 72" deck & the Kohler engine. 25hp I think. I never rode one till this past Jul, and I have cut on 50 to 60 foot long embankements that are banked like nascar tracks. At first I keep wondering if it was going to flip or roll, but those machineis are great.

    I hear several people refere to the exmark or "Z" brand on this form. They seem to be very popular as far as here and I'm sure there just as good if not better, if it was based on a popularity poll here I imagine the eXmark would win.

    But I belive you will enjoy a "ZTR".
    That jumbo hustler is one "bad indurstial machine"

    Good luck,
    PS---One piece of sound advice I always see here is to try several brands out for your self............

    Turtle II
    eastern, NC

    studing to start part-timming
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    I always wait until I have the money to buy items without financing. I think this is really important when starting out.

    If it cant be done then it cant be done, so be it. One thing I also did/do is wait until I MUST have the equipment before buying it. For example: I bought my hedge trimmers after I already scheduled my first trimming job, and I bought my ZTR after I took on too many properties than I could handle in a day. Over time I have obtained the tools I need, and there is no second guessing my purchases.
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    hoss is a way of addressing a man,
    here in the south.kinda a respectful way of addressing a blue collar[most times]
    man who aint scared of a little work.:)
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    Some more opinions;

    1. They are right. Sheffield is the driving force behind these offers. most if not all manufacturers have this deal now.

    2. If you look @ loan payments they are all almost all interest in the early months/years. Check out you mortgage.

    3. Yes, you'd better live up to what your contract says or any lender will tend to get concerned quickly and nasty before too long.

    4. If you can get your mower now and do more/make more you'll have more $ to put toward the mower when the payments start. Even if you take till next june or july to get it fully paid, you'll end up with a good deal.

    5. Yes, W Pa hills are a concern. most Z's do reasonably well.

    6. I know Excel Hustler and Dixie Chopper both have the same financing program in place and both lines Z's are awesome on hills. And, the larger the deck the better they do.

    7. If you want to arrange demo's of Excel or Dixie, let me know @ 724-339-7790 or 724-321-8489 evens/weekends. I know there are some demo's avail w full factory warranty which sweetens the deals. Also, check out

    8. If you're looking for alternate financing, try checking out Vic Tatum @ Kensington Capital. He's local and been a good guy to deal with. They're independent and privately owned. Look him up @

    9. As with anything, check out several and see which you like better and which work for you.

    10. Good Luck and happy mowing.

    Scott H

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