Stuart Varney on Fox Business News says you're not worth it

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by brucec32, Nov 29, 2007.

  1. brucec32

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    I just witnessed a disgusting spectacle of ignorance and bias against those who do physical work for a living.

    On Fox Business news today at 12:45pm while interviewing Pat Buchanan host Stuart Varney complained that he had to pay a contractor $75/hour to remove leaves from his lawn in NJ. He was disdainful that he had to pay this much to Americans for "manual labor" (he literally spit out the words, as if he was disgusted at those who do this work)

    Of course NJ is a higher cost of living area in the first place, so that rate is very close to what I charge here when adjusted for that.

    I will also point out that this clown, who anchors a financial newscast, for heaven's sake, doesn't even realize that they don't NET $75/hour, and he totally discounts the capital costs of the equipment needed to quickly handle this type of work. They started trying to compare it to someone walking in off the street and getting paid $75/hour as an employee. His basic theme seemed to be that mass immigration was needed so that rich folks like himself don't have to part with an extra $500 or so a year on the lawn.

    The guy is so ignorant he can't distinguish a crew showing up and moving leaves with blowers and vacs into a truck vs a day laborer who is handed a tarp and a rake.

    I think someone should find this exchange on video and post it and then let those who see it let Mr. Varney know where he's off base.
  2. TXNSLighting

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    what an a$$!!
  3. Pro-Turf  LLC

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    sounds very similar to an A$$ hole customer i had...did a clean up for them last fall the lady called back this yera about early october wants me to do it again and we agreeed on the price. I have the voicemail from her wiht the gohead. well after driving 2 trucks and trailers about 30 minutes with 3 guys we arrive and start then the lady comes out and tells us her husband already did it. WTF doesnt look like it. so we pack up and I sent a bill for my time. $75.00 for the trip charge.

    i get a call from the guy and we exchange a couple voicemails. i explain to him that i had to cover my costs for the hour we spend driving out to your house and time we spent on your property. he said no way im paying you you guys didnt do anything bla bla bla and he said i own a business and theres no way it cost you that much an hour to run i said 2 trucks driving (used 4 gallons on each truck) 8x3.50 for diesel is $28.00 plus labor for an hour not including paying myself is about $30.00 plus insurance and so on for that hour so im easily at 75 for that hour. and this guy just was a complete a$$ about it. I said thats fine but im not gonna do business with you anymore if this is the way your gonna treat us. oh and i believe he is a mortage banker so hes obviously a crook!
    just a lil story for you guys it was nice to vent
  4. ed2hess

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    Well the reality is that in our area where we do have more competition the rate is much lower in general in 85% of the city. On the high end estates I don't know what they pay but in the majority of the city $30/hr is a good price and that is why we found faster ways to get the job done and finished.
    Guys drive around the city with trailers and tarps and rakes and one WB and if they can get a couple hundred for a day of work they are happy. But I don't want my customers getting chummy with those guys so we take care of leaves at very very low prices.
  5. lawnspecialties

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    He "had" to pay $75/hr to have a contractor remove leaves from his yard? Was there a gun to his head? Did the leaf police demand he had this done? My sarcasm is getting out of hand.

    Whether it's "manual labor" or rocket science, the market dictates what the contractor's labor is worth. If $30/hr is the going rate, then that's what's paid. If all the contractors are backed up and working their tails off and that dictates $200/hr, then so be it. Charge what the people will pay. If it's too much for others, they can still pay it or get the freakin' leaves up themselves.
  6. J&T Kiev

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    Did Varney not originally come from Britain ?? Why does a green-card holder like Stuart Varney spout off on immigration so often? Maybe he should "immigrate" Back to Britain and drop the pounds per hour labor rate over there ---right smack on the top of his head.
  7. Lawn Enforcer

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    Sounds like a total moron. I bet he doesn't complain when a plumber or electrician does work at his house for the same price, or more. I wish some people would respect manual labor workers bustin' their butts!
  8. lifetree

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    So the guy's a jerk ... just tune him out, both literally and figuratively !!
  9. jrc lawncare

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    Would you care to elaborate on what you mean by" very very low prices" ?
  10. Roger

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    One more solid vote for "what the market will bear" regardless of costs to do business. Without keeping an objective count, the votes for this type of pricing (across many threads on various topics, across the years of time) seem to far outweigh those related to cost of doing business.

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