Stuck clutch pulley

Discussion in 'Mechanic and Repair' started by fireman649, May 19, 2006.

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    Hey there,
    I was wondering if anyone has had this same problem, and how did you fix it. On a 2003 Hustler 72" mower with a 25hp Kawi Model # fh721v? The pto clutch grenaded itself oneday, went to take it off to replace it, was ablt to get the clutch off, but the pulley and bearing are stuck on the crankshaft. It appears that it got so hot that it welded itself to the crank. The pulley will rotate, but it's not attatched to the bearing anymore. I've tried to heat it, use a puller(justs bends the crap out of the pulley), beat the crap out of it, and it just won't come off. Any suggestions before I have to pull the motor and try from that angle and if that doesn't work, I guess I'll be putting a new crank in it. Thanks in advance..... :confused:

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    I would just plan on pulling the engine and burn the old one off then replace the crank seal. If you have experience with a torch you can burn it off at the key-way slot and not damage the crank at all. I have had to burn many clutches and pulleys off, The key is burn it quickly with a high heat then cool the crank with a fine mist of water slowly. There have been reports of pto clutches loosing ground and grounding on the crankshaft causing a welded situation, So after installing the new one make sure all ground wires are clean and tight. If the battery ground wire is hooked to the frame of the unit add a extra ground wire from there to the engine, If the ground is hooked to the engine add one from there to the frame just as a precaution to avoid such thing from happening.
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    Try drilling some small holes through the hub of the pulley right next to the crank shaft. Drill your holes in a line to divide the pulley in half very close together. Remove as much material with the dril bit as possible. Make your holes almost touch. If they do touch, that's even better.

    By using a dremel tool close to the shaft and a hammer and chisel further away, you can just about cut what's left of the pulley in half. A couple of wacks with a hammer and cold chisel to widen the crack and it will come off in two pieces.

    It might take an hour to do but I can't pull the motor that fast.
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    Hi all,

    Had to remove the engine, still could not bust it loose. Luckily had a spare motor to put in place, so I guess the one that came out will go through a rebuild, plus it might still need a new crank. BTW, that was the easiest motor swap, Hustlers are a very convenient mower to work on.

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