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Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by studentlawn, May 31, 2003.

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    Hey guys, my buddy, Ari and I are two 18 year old kids, going off to college next year looking to make a rather large, lawn care/landscape/roofing business in the Twin Cities area. For now, we are sticking to lawn service, and working our way up.

    Both of us have about 4 years of mowing "for ourself" experience, but we just joined up last year. Now that high school is over we decided to make our LCO an actual business and get rid of the "kids from down the street" label.

    We want to pay off our college tuissions on this business and mabye even keep it for the rest of our lives. As of now, we have one crappy 5x10 trailor, 3 push mowers, a crown vic to pull the trailor, craftsman trimmer and blower, and a ton of hand tools.
    We have 35 customers in our area and are slowly networking without companies around as we slowly get the legality of our business going (insurance, name registering).

    As for now we are putting together a business plan so we can find a grant. I think with a good business plan we have already found a $10,000 grant on the basis of "business for tuission". This will greatly improve our equipment, so we are looking to expand!. Our problem is we both have very little landscaping experience. We have founds the ins and outs of mowing, cleanups, gardening work though experience but really need to find landscape experience.

    I was feeling very lost and overwhelmed untill yesterday when I found this site. I was amazed when I accidently clicked on it. Hunderds (if not throusands) of other people just like me, sharing ideas. I was starting to feel very bad about my LCO becuase it takes up0 alot of time, thought, and energy (especially as we are creating the grass roots), but I thought my partner and I were alone. I thought we were the only ones working 16 hour days. I just feel refreshed and at ease that there are others out there.

    So basically I want to announce Ari and I on the board, im sure we will be very frequent posters, as we need experience, and help.

    And also to just give kudo's to the board and everyone on it. You guys really gave me some new vigor to keep working.

    Sam Ginnis
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    Welcome to LS! You'll be glad you found it.
    You can learn stuff here in a short amount of time that would take years to learn on your own.

    I know a lot of people hate to hear it over and over, but UTILIZE that search button near the top of the page. Many, if not most of the answers you may be looking for are already here.
    Then if you don't find what your looking for, post away!

    Keep us up to date on how that grant works out for you. I know people have asked about that kind of stuff here before (myself included back when I first joined), and there wasn't much info.

    Best of luck to you.
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    you need some more high school from the looks of your spelling,tuition is the way your supposed to spell it not "tuission" other than that good luck!
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    buy the best equipment you can afford. Sell the crown vic, buy a pickup, and fix that old trailer up, you can find a lot of guys will do some welding for you for a case of beer and pizza (granted you can't buy it, but you can treat). Next buy a (used) walk behind. then buy a decent trimmer and blower. That should get you started for under $10k

    Good luck

    ps. ignore trolls that flame you on spelling

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