Student Resurch For a New Product Please read and let me know your feedback!

Discussion in 'General Industry Discussions' started by LTU223student, Sep 24, 2012.

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    I am a student at Lawrence Tech University, I am currently in a marketing class and am trying to get some interviews and feedback on a product we are trying to market for class. I came to this forum because this product is in this job field and am looking to see what your thoughts are please let me know it will help a lot!
    You can reply on the forum or reach me through e-mail @ or call at 248-930-5467
    Here is the product and let me know! Thanks Brad

    provides solutions for mobile asset identification by efficiently automating the inventory tracking process. Invisi-Tag has developed RFID software and hardware products to provide our customers with superior identification technology.
    It allows you to see what is in your trailer such as equipment and things you will need on the job without looking in the trailer but on your mobile phone.
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    very good idea--
    -need to be able to use for tracking repairs on equipment using a tablet possibly (its very difficult to quickly tell the repair history by simply looking at it)
    -need to be able to tell which equipment is on which trailer-check in or out of equipment during the day

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