Stump grinder attachment for mini skid steer???

Discussion in 'Landscape Maintenance' started by mowcrazy, Feb 20, 2009.

  1. mowcrazy

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    Just curious if anyone knows if there is a stump grinder attachment out there for a mini skid steer such as a toro dingo, etc. Thought about getting a stump grinder but really hate to pay the type of money for one when all it does is grind stumps. Thats why I was curious if there is a stump grinder attachment for the mini skidsteers and if you have used one, did it work well? I could get one of those and have several uses for it with a bucket attachment etc. Thanks.
  2. Alpha Property

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    yes they have them, i usualy wait till i have 4 or 5 tree stumps lined up and then go rent a mini bobcat with the tree stump grinder attachment and go to town
  3. mowin4$

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    I have a dingo with a stump grinder.I did not like the design of Toro's grinder.I use Ditch Witch. It is made by Terra Power.Had it for two years with no problems.It is a little slower than a dedicated grinder like Carlton or Vermeer.I like the manuverablity of the mini skid to get into tight places.Also Ditch Witch's sales and service dept. are great.Next time, I may buy a Ditch Witch mini.Around here, if you are looking to BUY a Toro attachment, they want you to RENT it.No demos.Even if you were going to spend 3500.00 on that attachment!Ditch Witch said I could demo for 2 weeks or more if needed.
    After 1 day and grinding 4 or 5 stumps, I ordered one.
  4. Votum Gardens LLC

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    We have two Bobcat MT55's and have used them for stump grinding. We don't do enough to justify owning the attachment though. We've found it is easier to use than a dedicated machine. Doesn't grind as fast, but for manuverability the mini-skid beats the dedicated machine hands down.
  5. LB1234

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    As others have stated, yes the have them. We rent the one for our Dingo and overall it works very good. Be careful though b/c those chips really start to fly the way the thing is setup. I like the manueverability of the mini-skid and the speed at which you can get from stump to stump. Another benefit, you can quickly put the bucket on the machine to either get rid of, move, or push the piles over once done. I do NOT like the grinder for larger (>12") just seems to take much longer than a dedicated grinder.
  6. LB1234

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    I find it funny. Was just the opposite for me. Few years ago when we were in the market for a mini-skid both Bobcat and Ditchwitch wouldn't give me the time of day. Wanted some demo's, spoke to dealers, and saw them at tradeshows. Bottom line they talked a good game about bringing us demo's and the like...but not once did they ever produce. TORO on the other hand was just the opposite (for their mowers as well, BTW). They would let us take it, demo whatever attachments they wanted, etc. with no obligation to buy. Not to mention we have GREAT dealer support from TORO. Once I was on the job having a little difficulty with machine and the DINGO sales guy drove to the jobsite and showed how simple of a fix it was.

    Bottom line, I believe it is dealer specific NOT manufacturer specific.
  7. mowcrazy

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    well, more than anything I was wanting to grind stumps with the unit but thought it would be nice to have a machine that you could use for more than just one job. I will be honest with everyone though, I think that the prices of the mini skid steers is ABSOLUTELY REDICULOUS!!!! Even the used ones are super high but i understand why because someone payed an arm a leg for the freakin thing. Bad part is, stump grinders are pretty high to unless you buy a little guy. I like the idea of being able to pay off a piece of equipment in a hurry. For instance, I normally buy used exmark equipment and can pay for the unit in a week or 2. Doggone its lookin like its gonna take a heck of a lot longer to pay off a mini skid or a stump grinder. Ive always thought that the best way to make money is to find really good deals on your equipment (buy cheap stuff). I just can't find what I would consider a good deal on one of these units. I see a lot of these units plenty used up and there still over 6k, but Like I said, I understand why when the manufactures are sellin these things at the rediculous prices there selling them at (mini skid steers). I may rethink the whole stump grinding idea all together but I thought it was something to look into because to my knowledge, no-one around here does it.
  8. sippyrivergirl

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    Just purchased a Stump Slayer for my Ditch Witch. Used it twice now & the thing works great. Very reasonably priced too.

    Tell him Sippy Girl sent you!
  9. Eric E

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