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Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by sticky, Jan 19, 2004.

  1. sticky

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    I am considering purchasing a stump grinder and picking up jobs after work and on weekends. What is the going rate on grinding say a 1 foot round stump and a 2 foot round stump 6 inches under ground. What would be a proper amount of money to spend on grinder and trailer for residential use?
  2. olderthandirt

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    How can you even think of making any money with a stump grinder when you have no idea of the going rate to charge for your work or how much to even pay for the grinder

  3. sticky

    sticky LawnSite Member
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    I have about 20 stumps to grind on my property that will take a load off of the equipement purchase. I have a general idea but I would like to here what somebody with experience has to say.
  4. longslawn

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    20 stumps won't knock a dent in the price of a stump grinder
  5. sticky

    sticky LawnSite Member
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    I,m thinking one is going to run $18,000-21,000. What price range are you thinking?
  6. lbmd1

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    go to Do a search on stump grinding and you will find the current pricing per foot. I looked into this as well. Have a friend who owns a decent sized tree company and ge asked if I wanted all the stump referrals because he doesn't do that. I was looking at a bluebird walk behind grinder at around $3500, can't afford the outlay of $20k for a tow behind unit.

  7. Gr grass n Hi tides

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    What I know of stump grinding is very little except this - I knew a guy that ran a pretty big outfit clearing lots, mowing, ect. He had it all, backhoes, chippers, all sorts of dump trucks, and a stump grinder a big sucker. This guy is a top notch mechanic, he could fix anything with moving parts; however, had it not been for his mechanic abilities he would have had a hard time making money on the thing because of such high maintenance. Just telling you this so, when you search those other sites maybe ask a few maintenance/cost type questions.
  8. legendrider

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    look int vermeer equipment, rayco makes good grinders as well. but i like vermeer, you can charge about 50-95 for small to medium size stumps on residential property, any bigger obviously go higher but you need to get the right machine to do larger stumps. average decent grinder goes for about 5 grand or so. you can rent small grinders from home depot these days but they are for small stumps and beat the hec out you running them.
  9. KDJ

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    Just rent one when needed.
  10. BravesFan

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    You should ask $100-$125 to grind those two stumps. I have a $75 minimum for local stumps(5-10 miles). Anything further out, it's at least $100-$125.

    If you are grinding uprooted stumps and rootballs....charge 2-3 times what you would normally charge for that size stump. Uprooted stumps over 3 feet, don't even mess with them unless you have one of the larger 50HP plus machines.

    I operate a Vermeer sc252. It's 12K new.

    Vermeer teeth for the 252 run about $95 a set. If you get a Rayco, expect to pay double for the teeth(pockets and teeth are all one piece). I get 30-40 hours of use before they need replacing....shorter time if you're grinding rootballs loaded with rocks. If you see lots of rocks in uprooted stumps, charge even more and point it out to your customer.

    Honestly, stick with Vermeer. When I have a problem or need something, I call ahead and let them know I'm coming. When I get there, there is a mechanic raising the door and ready to get to work on my machine. I can't say enough about their support.

    Getting back to pricing, around here the going rate is $2-$3 a diameter inch at ground level. if it's a 2 foot stump, charge $50-$75. If it's a 3 footer, $60-$110. $2 is pretty much my volume price...if they give me $400-$500+ worth of stumps. For small jobs...AT LEAST $3 per inch.


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