stump grinding? big job here.

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    ok, so i am quoting out a job for a church local to me, they have a pretty "beat up" property and theyre looking to overhaul it.
    Ive quickly jotted down all main points theyre looking to address. This is not a bid per say but would assume theyve contacted more than just my company for this work. Im looking at well over 60+ man hours worth of work here since the customer is not sure what plants, trees to install. I guess im suprised because on the phone the gentleman sounded as though he wanted $700 worth of yard cleanup to tidy things up lol. I have not exactly added in my transportation time to pick allll of the various items up such as stump grinder rental, my tractor will need to be transported on my trailer to the site, stone delivered and broadcast, probably a load of top soil, pavement repair bags, tree delivery etc. and Ill have the tractor going for a good part of a lot of these jobs, moving wood around, plants and trees, dirt and stone. I hope they have money :weightlifter:

    Who has removed LARGE trees on their own? Do you just sub that out to strictly a tree service company? I assume i could get more help, pull it with the tractor/rope and chainsaw it until it comes down, chop it all up, haul it away and rent a stumpgrinder in there for the 3 trees. What does anyone charge JUST for that cost of removing one 80' tall tree? I have another persons yard with fences and kid playsets, a building, and a shed all very close, the tree would have to come down within a 45deg radius or else it would hit something.

    Its not my largest job but off the top of my head i cant guesstimate how much i would charge, it certainly is by far the most variety.

    1. Plant flowers 90ft along sidewalk/roadway 3hrs
    2. Construct paver box around 4'x10' area for light and sign 3hrs
    3. Add granular stone to paver box area 1hrs
    4. Pressure wash front main entrance sidewalk 2hrs
    5. 15' x 95' Garden, Till, rake, prepare 6hrs
    6. Plant "selected items" see below not sure yet, trees/bushes
    7. Mulch gardenbed areas, black commercial mulch 3hrs
    8.Seeding of designated "lawn" areas 2hr
    9.Patch 3 potholes in parking lot 2hrs
    10.Remove all small tree/saps and vines near roadway 50'x15' in, upto 3" 6hrs
    11. Remove 4 of 5 parts of "erractic" growing tree, far end of parking lot near road. 2hrs
    12. Grate 90'x50' area near parking lot, level, flatten and prepare. 4hrs
    13. Install 5" thick driveway grade 3/4 crushed stone 65' x 15' extension onto parking lot. 5hrs
    14. Remove all heavy brush along outter edges of "woods" area in back of property and 50' x 15' section along roadway. 7hrs
    15. Remove one 80' tall 4'+ oak tree in rear of building. Remove stump from surface. 4hrs
    16. Remove two 30' tall 1.5' wide trees near front of building. 2hrs
    17. Remove one 5' tall bush near front steps. 1hrs
    19. Clean up excess leaf debris from lot, blow into woods at least 20'. 5hrs
    20. Chipping and shreding of all hard wood excess debris from woods removal.

    21. Lawn maintenance contract for season, total of 31 cuts including mowing, trimming, edging of sidewalks and blowing/cleaning of walks and parking lot areas. Total would be $2,015 per season. Includes mower mulching in November months, no leaf removal.

    22. Fall cleanup, leaf removal of lot around woods area. $325 Per season.

    23. Garden bed maintenance, including trimming, mulch cleanup and pruning if needed once yearly or spring and late summer. $340 per time basis.

    24. Snow Contract. Snow removal from 180' long sidewalk along roadway, sidewalks in front and back of building along with step cleanoff, Sanding and salting of all walks and parking lot areas. Parking lot 110' x 120' size. Does not include non-paved stone areas.

    Friday and Saturday removal rush 2hr turnaround $
    All other days 8hr turnaround $
    See attached price list for depth cost.

    Friday or Saturday can specify snow removal per 3" snowfall.
    $xxx.xx Per push. Plus sand/salting..

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    i hope you dont price this job by the hour . just give him a total for everything itemized but showing how many hours.
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    true, i just use that for my own guestimate work. Otherwise, yes some customers would say well you only spent 1.2hrs spreading mulch not 2.5hrs lol.
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    A tree that size should be taken down in pieces from your description of the area. If there are any structures within 80' of that tree you definitely should not be cutting it at the ground and pulling with a rope. Hire an arborist. Price will depend on the diameter of the tree and equipment accessibility. I'm guessing around $1400 to cut down and remove tree. Maybe $150-200 for stump grinding.

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