Stump Grinding on Slopes

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by VRL, Feb 13, 2003.

  1. VRL

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    I need to grind some stumps on a slope, what do you guys recommend. I have not seen a rental place with a self propelled stump grinder to be able to get it up. Is there such a stump grinder that is self propelled?

    I am also thinking of getting a backhoe to remove them.

    Any info. is appreciated.

  2. bob

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  3. How big a hill and how large are the stumps.
    Praxis (now owned by Vermeer) and Mighty Mac Both make smaller 10-13 HP grinders that you could push/pull up a hill. These smaller grinders seem to be popular with rental shops, around here anyway.
    There are self propelled models-I know Vermeer rents here also, try them.
  4. VRL

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    The hill is about 40' going up (wide) 45 degree incline

    10 large stumps 4ft diameter- pines, eucalyptus, and oleanders.

    11 small oleander stumps (2ft. diameter)

    Customer wants all stumps and roots removed

  5. paponte

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    Yes, there are several companies that make self propelled (Hydro) stump grinders. Many of the 3 wheel models have a hole in the axle to drive a spike into so the machine will not move, and so you can extend the axle to move the machine in place. I would recommend positioning the machine vertically on the hill so it will not tip on you.
  6. Too much for the little machines.
    Look for local Vermeer or Rayco dealers and see if they have a rental or can refer a contractor that has one.
    Are you going to just get the root flair or chase the roots?
    Turf is going need a lot of renovation after taking out all those roots.
  7. lawn and stump

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    I use a Rayco rg50. it's a hydro and 48 hp but it doesn't like slopes. they just came out with a 4 x4 model that might do it but 45 degrees is real steep- call vermeer and see if anybody near you has a tracked machine.
  8. bommaritro

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    I have seen a guy in my area using one of these.

    He was using it on a hill but I am not sure how steep the grade was.

    On a side note.

    Have you or the owner taken into account the possible damage that may happen to the if all of the stumps, trees, and roots are removed. There is also a concern that if you are seeding the slope that if the is one heavy rain a large potion of you seed is going to end up at the bottom of the slope.

  9. o-so-n-so

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    lawn and stump is right on this one. I have a Vermeer 502, 50hp that would do the job but the slope is the killer. My grinder is a tow behind and even with 4X4 it would still be impossible. The small push type would be virtually humanly impossible on the slope. In my area Vermeer does rent the large 50hp track machine by the day,week,month. It would tackle that job very well. You could make some good $$ on a job like that so don't' under bid. Usually stumps of that size on a slope have a lot of surface roots and require a lot of time just chasing the roots.The 10 large stumps will be a time consuming job itself. Small stumps a breeze. If you are to clean up the chips you are looking at another pretty good job. A tractor with a loader and dump trailer would be easiest and fastest. Don't under estimate the amount of chips 10 large stumps will produce. Many loads in a LWB truck. Good Luck
  10. lawn and stump

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    I would pay to see that pik-n-pac thing on a slope or in mud1!!
    I would recommend grinding just enough to get the stumps out of sight and mulch to hold the bank. you could spread the grindings for a base and then put good mulch on top.

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