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stump killer

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I need something that will kill the tree & roots once I've cut them to ground level. Is there anything chemically I can use?
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yes there is but unsure of what it is called. We used some on my dads property after clearing an area a while back. Worked great. Made a world of difference between the few that didn't get treated as far as suckers regrowing etc. Check w/ lesco or some other chemical dealer.
If you have a little time, one of the best things you can do is drill some holes, about 3 - 6 inches deep, and fill the holes with saltpeter. There are products out there such as Stump Away, but all they are is saltpeter (my understanding). The stumps will rot in about 6 months, then you can fill the holes with diesel fuel and light them on fire. They won't actually flame, but will smolder until the stump is gone.

You know, to be honest I really don't know. It's a powder that I always heard the weekend gardening show on talk radio talking about. I know it's basically what the stump killer powders are made of. It causes the stump to dry out. Works pretty good.

Probably you are looking for Triclopyr, which is sold as Stump and Brush Killer (Fertilome is one company that packages it).
Check out Roundup applied directly to the stump with holes drilled in it. Also, saltpeter is mainly nitrogen, which feeds the bugs due to the high carbon to nitrogen ratio of a stump and promotes breakdown of the stump. Any N fertilizer will help.

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saltpeter is potasium nitrate, an ingredient of black powder and also had uses in reducing the male sex drive.
I have found triclopyr to be the best woody plant killer. For stumps, I used to cut exactly horizontal and put as much triclopyr as it would hold - had 95-98% success rate. When I stared drilling into stumps and applying triclopyr with eyedropper, went to 100% success rate. Have used this method for stumps of weed trees from ½" up to 10". For larger trees, just score top of stump with chainsaw to get it to hold more herbicide.

Approx 8% triclopyr is what I use. It is AI in Ortho Brush-B-Gon, Enforcer brand brush killer, and others. Use the concentrates, not the ready-to-sprays.
Triclopyr works great. I used garlon 4 mixed 50/50 with water when doing right of way work. You want to cover the sapwood, the lighter colored wood ringing the outside of the stump to the inside edge of the bark. The sooner it is applied to the stump after the tree is cut, the better, at least within an hour. The retreating fluids will carry the chemical into the stump.
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