Stump Removal


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Maybe not the right forum. Do any of you do stump removal with a grinder such as a Vermeer? If so how do you gents go about pricing. By the dia. of the stump? Time on the job as with mowing/lanscaping? Any help would be great on this one. Thinking of buy a Vermeer Grinder


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Hey Bucmaster, I would think it would be the dia. of the stump, and maybe how much was sticking out of the ground. Price I dont know?


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my minimum price for stump grinding is $50. All I do is grind down the stump and rake all the chips back into the hole. My price goes up with more stumps and the degree of difficulty. If the customer wants me to plant grass i'll go up in price.
$50 sounds low and it kinda is. But keep in mind that it is only a basic price. I usually line up at least 6 basic stumps before I rent an $85 machine for 24hours.
Last fall I rented a stump grinder at 4 pm and worked at 4 properties in one neighborhood until 6:00pm.($220) and 4 hours the next day for $375 and I did one on my property.


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NW, Iowa
we go by dia of stump and basic look over, rock, debris ect. If so, we dig around them, teeth cost! Min charge $25, to as high as $100. No clean up or dirt or grass, all extra.