Stump The Technician,,,Name That Tool

Discussion in 'Mechanic and Repair' started by piston slapper, Oct 26, 2012.

  1. Restrorob

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    You shouldn't be penalized at all.....but reap the rewards for your innovation by charging anything you like with-in reason.....

    Who sets the labor times ??? It should be you !!!

    Flat rate labor guides are just that.....GUIDES...... They are put together by factory OEM's using brand new equipment right off the end of the assembly line, In a fully equipped AC/heated shop with all the fancy tools laid out across a bench.....Work is performed by people that know the product like the back of their hand......

    Want to see higher labor rate "guides" ??? Give these same guys a machine that's lived on a open trailer all it's life in the elements and is beat to snot...... Then see what they'd come up with !!!

    Are you going to share your innovations ??? I'm certainly not !!!

    No matter what new procedures or tools come out..... There will always be a ole coot out there that will innovate better......

    Do I over charge my customers ? NO..... I was raised to be a fair person in all aspects, But..... I will not work for less no matter how quickly I can do a job through innovation......

    Let's take a landscaper for instance, They get a call from a prospective customer..... This customer wants WXYZ done to their property, Said landscaper uses past experience to make a fair bid (est.) to said customer.

    Now..... His bid isn't going to reflect his innovative ways to perform the job.....He's going to stay in the ream of standard practices (prices) of his competition......

    Sooo...... Should these guys rant about equipment repairs ???

    Some can...... I've read many dealer rip-off threads on here, But....Most can't since we as Technicians operate the in the same manner as them.......
  2. kymowboy

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    A little grinding really helps it bite the plastic

  3. piston slapper

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    Thanx for the pic don't have those pliers... I wouldn't give up my trade secrets..
    I refuse to give a know nothing ...know it all mechanic...another tool to trick his customers into thinking that he knows what he's doing..
    That aside...I am pretty good at leading people to the right answers...getting them close enough to figger it out for themselves..
    It always amuses me when a DIYer comes to me for advice...telling me that he knows everything...except...what's wrong with his mower...
  4. kymowboy

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    The primer pliers pictured above are a good example of a mechanic sharing his secrets.
    The modified slip-joint pliers that was sent to Milwaukee and copied to make the 19461 are in a tool box within walking distance of me right now.
  5. Restrorob

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    I get them kind quite often...... And I've got the fix for them !!!

    After they finish explaining everything they've done/tried..... Whether I know what the issue is or not, I tell um.....Welp.... Run it on up and I'll check it over for X amount (depending on the issue) and let you know what it is, Then you can decide if you want me to repair or take it back home and do it yourself.....

    I don't mind at all helping on boards (out of towners) but I'm not giving my smarts away for FREE to locals...... :nono:
  6. piston slapper

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    The reason I started this thread was to share some tools with like minded mechanics on this forum..
    Most of the technical contributors on this forum are generally fairly knowlegable and it seemed to be a good idea to help those that help others...
    While I know that some wannabe mechanics may actually benefit from the tools and info on this thread..
    Who knows.????...Maybe it might take their abilities to the next level.?????

    I can only plant the seeds....I can't make them grow.....
  7. Restrorob

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    OK..... Get'n back to the thread title......

    Name this tool;


    Hint; Each square in my floor is 4.5"...... :D
  8. Landrus2

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    Let's make a deal. What's bhind curtan # 1. I would say chisel set:waving:
  9. Restrorob

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    OK Joe...... Little trivia question for you....... Who would be showing you curtain # 1 ? Click This

    No on the chisels.....
  10. dutch1

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    Well, Rob, if I had to take a stab in the dark, I'd say it's one of the following: compression test set, tap/die set, torque wrench set, leakdown test kit, small puller kit, snapring plier set, micrometer set ------------------------ out of ideas.

    At first glance, I thought it might be one of those Daisy Mae purses.:laugh:

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