Stupid Customers!!!!

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by 2menandamower, May 24, 2006.

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    I have a customer that is a weekly paying customer. She is a pain in the Azz but she pays on time and is funny to watch. Everytime that I have been there she is drunk and having more. Last week I was there mowing and she said do you do hedge trimming and weeding etc... I told her yes and she asked what my hourly rate was. I told her to just let me price her the job and she demanded to know what I charged by the hour so that I could keep track of my time and get paid accordingly. So I told her that I would charge her 50.00 per hour and she said "well that is too rich for my blood"!!!????:dizzy: :dizzy: Now here is the funny part. She pays me 35.00 per cut on her lawn and I am there 20 minutes drive upu to drive away time. So that adds up to 105.00 per hour that she is paying me to mow. That just makes me laugh that she is that stupid to think that 50.00 per hour is high to pull weeds and 105.00 is ok to mow trim and blow. People are sooooo STUPID>>>>>
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    ohhh yeah the / hour bs lol

    I dunno, over the years I got to where I just quote the price before they have a chance to get into that...
    Then if they time me, that's their own fault lol

    But drunks are in a class of their own, that's for sure.

    If you want to hear another, I got one who tillered the entire backyard in order to seed it, with a farm tractor. The whole place is like a dang field with deep linear ruts from where the tiller ran, I finally figured out the one and only way to cut it without scalping (no, not scalping, try digging clumps of dirt with a blade) or getting bounced everywhere, it is a ROYAL pita made me swear a few times (yes out loud it was so bad) when all they had to do was core aerate... I mean, tilling a yard for seeding is so overkill but then not landscaping it afterwards to make sure it's smooth...

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