Stupid dog eats Lazer Z seat!

Discussion in 'eXmark' started by msallen, Feb 8, 2008.

  1. msallen

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    Last year I bought a new Lazer Z mower and now I need to know if Exmark sells just the back part of the seat cushion and both side arms? The dog likes to sleep on the bottom seat part so I guess that's why he didn't eat it, so I just need the back cushion and both side arms. It looks like it will be an easy change out, just screw or bolt right into the frame part of the seat and arm rest. Any idea how much money we're talking about?

  2. dwlah

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  3. Quality Cuts PLS

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    I priced one at my dealer a couple of months ago; the back rest is about $85.00.
  4. mowing grass 1111

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    check ebay i have seen new take off seats for $ 49
  5. msallen

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    Thanks for the info. I saw one site that sold the back for about $60 and the two arm rest for $56 apiece, you add shipping and its over $200 bucks and the color probably won't match the bottom part of the seat. I'm thinking that I might as well add a little more to it and get one of the suspension seats, I saw one that Michigan sells for $320 but I don't know if it's worth it or not. Has anybody bought one of them or one like it around the same price? any info would be appreciated. Also, will it match up to my bolt holes? I know the Toro suspension seat matched up but I would prefer not to have that logo on my Exmark.

    Thanks again

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