stupid foundation guys make my job hard!!

Discussion in 'Landscape Architecture and Design' started by E.L.Co, Nov 13, 2009.

  1. E.L.Co

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    hey guys im in need of advice or confirmation on my plan.
    there is an investment property that recieved a large addition. when the foundation guys graded to intall the foundation they pusheds all the dirt to the back of the yard:hammerhead: so now all the water flows right to the foundation because the grade is the opposite of what it should be. so i am called upon to put the grade within code and install a drainage solution. my plan is to regrade with a dingo seeing as the only acess to the yard is under a carport with support posts every 5 feet! so i will use the dingo to take the dirt that was laid at the back of the yard and in essence reverse its location to around the foundation so the water flows away from the foundation. once the grade is in order i will use a mini excavator to trench for a french drain on both sides of the house but i think even that will be a pain in the ass to manuver. my goal is to get the slope to divert water away from the house and the french drain is for extra insurance. stupid people! the grade should have been adressed before building a 200k addition carport and driveway!!!!
  2. JB1

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    yep, well thats typical construction.
  3. procut

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    Do you have a pic? Seems like a decent plan, but it sounds like a lot of soil to move with a dingo. The local rental place here has a small bobcat that will fit through a 36" gate, something like that would probably be faster and easier than a dingo.

    My only question would be if you get the grade correct so all the water runs away from the building, do you really even need a French drain? Seems like with the proper slope you shouldn't need it. If you had a couple pics I'd give you my opinion some more, good luck!
  4. E.L.Co

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    from Texas
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    yea ill get some pics today...i opted to spend a day with the dingo to see if proper grading could solve it alone. but yeah youd have to see it to believe it, and advise me so ill put somes pics up this evening
  5. LB1234

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    rent the trencher for the dingo if you have to install a french drain or drain tiles. it will be perfect if you are just running solid 4" pipe tied to the drain tiles, otherwise with some manuevering you can get a more than adequate french drain installed.
  6. stuvecorp

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    I am positive they sit down and plan how to make things harder.
  7. Caterkillar

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    It is hard to help with out a pic. Where is the natural slope of the land going? back toward the house? Are they wanting to waterproof the foundation w/ french drains? Grading will be easy, but waterproofing a house might be a different story.
  8. LindblomRJ

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    Will re-grading take care of all the drainage and eliminate the need for a french drain? It sounds like they were short sighted on backfilling the foundation and how they wasted out rest of the dirt.

    Pictures would be very helpful.
  9. E.L.Co

    E.L.Co LawnSite Member
    from Texas
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    ill get pics soon. i have decided to do a french drain and grade to divert the water to the french drain, it then flows to a sump pump set up and shoots the water through 2 in pipe under the house and to the front.
  10. LindblomRJ

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    Sounds like a good plan. However my concern would be what would happen if there is a heavy rain storm and power outage? What happens when the sump pit fills, and the pump does not run or is unable to keep up with the run off? If the system fails for whatever reason will it cause any damage to the house or other property?

    With slope and drainage without assistance up pumps it is more reliable. And it is possible for french drains to fail over time.

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