stupid hanson rb wall. never again

Discussion in 'Hardscaping' started by Hardscaping, Apr 15, 2009.

  1. Hardscaping

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    i just started today a 35 ft retaining wall, using 410 pcs of hanson rb wall.

    These bolcks you need to split yourself, they won't split them before they sell. I don't mind the splitting there is nothing too it. but still time consuming. Also ever ******* block has overspill of concrete on the tops. they all need the damn **** chipped off with chissel and hammer.

    i wanted to use AB junior for this wall as it is able to hold up the same, and looks exact same. And don't have this stupid spliting **** and chipping of concrete off of edges.

    When putting in the base layer and the rest of the layers, i need to chip the sides of each blok so that i can put the level to check them. Also need to chip the sides so that when i put the next layer on it will sit flush and level. I thought that the block would come already cleaned on the sides, don't mind the splitting much.

    I am debating sending all 410 pcs back tot he supplier and tell them to get me better condition block or give money back.
    I wouldve had the base of the wall in today, if it wasn't for screwing with the stupid edges. i only got 5 block put in place. out of 45 block. took way too long and i really got agrevated and decided to go home and relax before i started breaking the block. lol

    well long story short i am not buying or intalling hanson rb wall ever again. i will always sell the AB junior wall over the hanson from now on.

    Pics will be posted once job is done tomorrow night hopefully.
  2. PlatinumLandCon

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    RB wall is far superior to AB junior to say the least. It only a little slight bit of concrete on 1 side, run the brick hammer along a couple inches and you're good to go. Quit b1tching about it and build the wall. Even if it took 15 seconds per block to clean (actually takes more like 5), thats only about 1h 45mins to clean EVERY block. Get a guy to clean them and it will take him an hour to split and clean all of them. Is it really worth being an a$$hole for the sake of $12-15 for a guy to clean them? Give us a break.

    p.s. Thats hilarious that you would say you could only manage to get 5 blocks in because of the edges. Are you scraping the concrete off with your finger nails?
  3. Hardscaping

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    funny thing is about this, is yes i was using my fingers, never installed this block before so didn't expect to do this. today i went out and bought a 2 inch chisel to clean the blocks. not so bad with that. today in five hours i got 130 block put in, and back filled behind them with 3/4 clean. only thing held me back today was the supplier sent me the wrong corners and didn't have the correct ones in stock. so tomorrow i am buying somewhere else for the corners. Will be finished the wall tomorrow afternoon.

    I am installing an iron eagle fence on top of the wall. well behind the top of the wall. I have never installed the metal fences on the walls before how would someone go about this if i decided to do it that way instead? not saying i am going to but would be good info for future use. thanks.
  4. stuvecorp

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    Thats why I also use Versa-Lok.:)
  5. stonebender

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    I've been out of the SRW loop for a while but Versa-Lok was always my favorite. One block and two caps for everything. I used to have so many problems with other manufacturers putting out 8" wall block with corner or step units that were between 7 & 7/8" and 8 & 1/8"
  6. Hardscaping

    Hardscaping LawnSite Senior Member
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    stupid wall.

    I got the corners today finally. and they didn't line up right they lined up as if the wall was built striaght up. with no set backs. i had to chisel them to make them set back. what a waste of time they should just make them set back as it is.

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