stupid phone calls

Discussion in 'General Industry Discussions' started by LawnBrother, Apr 28, 2005.

  1. Eddie B

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    here's a call for ya

    me: "Bailey's Lawn Services this is Ed"
    them: "You remember me? I'm a friend of so and so"
    me: "yes... how are you doing today?"
    them: "great. I need a favor. can you cut my grass for free?"
    me: click
  2. 1MajorTom

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    One warning and one warning only. Whatever "antics" you have displayed on other forums doesn't concern me. But don't try any of that stuff over here.
    If the guy said it on another forum, so be it. Don't mention it here.
  3. clc2003

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    This didn't come from a phone call, but from a customer who I was trimming up some trees for. Anyway he started asking me what I would charge him to mow his grass and I said, $20 and he said that is what I am paying my guy now but have not heard from him. If he doesn't get ahold of me I will call u. I said OK, sounds good. Then he asks me If I would wax his car for him ;) My truck says Lawn Care on the side of it not automotive detailer :dizzy:
  4. Todd's lawncare

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    You still think it was a stupid call ? Alot of the millon dollar lawn companys do that type of work .
  5. stuie

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    Hello Floraculture Garden Services
    How many pebbles do i need?
    Im not sure what area do you need to cover?
    Um alot how much can you get?
    I can get you a bag or i can get you 100 tonnes
    UMMMM i just need enough for two pots
    How big are the pots?
    Well they are big.....but not too big.......
    Well ok a rough guess one to two bags
    Well ok say one bag
    How much???????
    Well including delivery and placing one bag of pebbles around the pots would be at least $50.
    $50 !!!!!!!!! I can buy a bag from the nursery for $15
    Well ok i see you have it sorted Goodbye :angry: :angry: :angry: :angry: :angry: :angry: :angry:
  6. Markf

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    I look at ever request by a client or potential client as a possible lead. I am sure that most of you have contacts in just about every trade. Why not refer that seemingly waste of time request to your friend. Even if you do not get a referral back from them, you may get some work done at home for free. It works for me.
  7. Texas Mowem

    Texas Mowem LawnSite Member
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    Me: Hello ABC Lawncare
    Customer: Hi this is Mrs Doh do you cut grass
    Me: Yes we do how can I help you.
    Customer: My neighbor needs their grass cut I'm tired of looking at it.
    Me: Maybe it would be a good idea for your neighbor to call me
    Customer: Well they won't they are too cheap to pay anybody to mow their lawn
    Me: Well I don't believe I can mow someone elses property without their permission.
    Customer: Well they are not home right now go ahead and come over and cut it.
    Me: If I were to do that exactly who would be paying the bill would it be you.
    Customer: I'm not gonna pay to have their lawn cut thats crazy.
    Me: I agree !
    Customer: Just bill them
    Me: I thought you said they were too cheap to pay to have their lawn cut.
    Customer: Well aren't you rude, never mind
  8. nocutting

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    About the "HOBO's" w/ the signs, I picked 1 up near a Kmart, it was raining & cold- took him to "Dunkin Donuts" for soup & a bagel. As it turned out he didnt need the work, made enough just "Begging" [ shared a room for $75 bucks aweek], his biggest worry were the other "Bums" robbing him [ he showed me his scars, missing teeth]...He was a Vet, in rehab, & transported from the city to up-state NY to a VA center that wasnt crowded.....He also said if he wanted [ NY state bused these guys to Florida in the winter & gave them 50 bucks for food] that was an incentive to get these guys off our streets & on to yours!!!! :dizzy:
  9. Kasfeldt7

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    The answering service on my cell phone says, "This is PASTOR Blair, sorry I cant take your call right now....ect."

    So I get a message to call this guy for lawn care, and call him back...

    ME - Hi Im returning your call for lawn service
    JIM - Hi Im going on vacation and would like my lawn mowed, I live at etc.
    ME - OK great. When would be a good time for me to look at it?
    JIM - Give me your name and address and Ill send you a check in the mail after you mow my lawn. Dont mow it too short.
    ME - Im sorry how about I stop by before you go on vacation and I can give you an estimate so you can leave me payment.
    JIM - Well if you want to be an ASS about it! I doesnt make a difference to me!
    ME - (laughing) well, you'd do the same if you were in my shoes.
    JIM - Fine. How about I let someone else do it? How'd you'd like that Blair?! I'll just give the job to someone else!
    ME - Sounds good, rip someone else off. CLICK. :realmad:

    Wow - talk about pastors not getting any respect! :angel:

    Had to pray for awhile after that phone call to cool down :blush:
  10. mtdman

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    Scrub complaint: There's a house not too far from me where a sign for lawn care popped up this spring. "Blah Blah lawncare" then underneath it it lists just about every service anyone could offer for your house. Why not chose Handyman and leave it at that?

    Crazy call:
    I gets this call for a mowing estimate. Guy is taking care of his mother's place, she died over the winter. Says they haven't mowed it yet, and it needs attention soon. Right away that tells me it's overgrown. It's in a neighborhood I'm in, so I take interest. But the guy keeps hinting around at wanting it done asap. I tell him I need to look at it, especially if it's long, before I can give him a price. He keeps hinting around at lot size, etc, trying to get a price outta me. Then I tell him I can't get to it until over the weekend, maybe monday. He wants it done right away. Tells me that if I do a good job, a whole season of mowing might be in it for me. Wow.

    I repeat I need to take a look, that I can't do it until later this weekend, and I'll get back to him tomorrow with an estimate. He keeps trying to get a price outta me and to get me to committ to it, so I blow him off and hang up.

    Hour later he calls back. Says he's got another lawn dude that can do it tomorrow for $20. Asks if I can beat that, since I'm a regular in the neighborhood, he'd rather give it to me. I tell him that if he got someone to committ to mowing an overgrown lawn for $20 without seeing it in an hour since I last talked to him he should take it. Then I interrupt him, say thanks for the call and hang up. Laughing.

    I hope he finds someone that will fall for that over the phone.

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