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Discussion in 'General Industry Discussions' started by LawnBrother, Apr 28, 2005.

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    One guy...did a 1 timer on his F'd up yard last year..... Wash his neighbor's house a month or so ago & the wife wanted a quote. Gave one..never heard back.

    did another neighbor's lawn a few weeks ago & they wanted a price for their back yard (2 ft high) . Told them to get someone to bushhog it as I did not want to tear up my mower. Or find a nut to mow it ("like me last year" , I told the wife). She said yeah my husband was afraid to mow with his for fear of "hitting something".... OK to let Lawn guy destroy his stuff though.

    Anyway someone evidently bushhogged it or mowed it ,,about 3 weeks ago. He calls & leaves a message to call him about the back yard again. Just erased that message. I hate giving prices over & over again. Especially to folks who will not keep their yard or home in shape. I can understand not being able to afford some services...but quit being so lazy & cut your own grass. I'd be ashamed if I let my lawn look like a pasture.
  2. LawnScapes of P-Town

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    i had a guy call and say

    him- i got your flier and i was needing some work done
    me- yes sir what type of work do you need done?
    him- i have this fence that i want taken out completely, even the concrete posts removed, COMPLETELY
    me- well sir i think that you have called the wrong number for this sort of job
    him- well on your flier is says storm cleanups?
    me- yes but how does that relate to the removal of a fence?
    him- uhhhh idk
    me- well i might know someone for you to call

    so i refered it to a friend and that was the end of that guy
  3. Smalltimer1

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    That would be a case where I'd rent my father's Billy Goat brushcutter and make some quick $$$ and then come back and double my money on the JD to give it a somewhat decent finish.
  4. sheshovel

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    Well lemmie tell ya something Mr.Marko who are you to say whats neccesary or not to do for a customer and to make a buck?
    I'm a Landscaper but when I first started out I did most of those things and more. :D . if that's what my cust needed done I did it wadda ya gonna do let them line somebody elses pockets?
    I've ripped out old lawns and installed new ones both sod and seed,
    Iv'e :cool2:
    rottotilled,pruned,mowed,mulched,cleaned gutters,powerwashed decks,repaired decks,aeriated,did clean-ups and lots of them,Tree work,rolling,walkways and pathways,washed and detailed-out several clients cars and got paid well for it too, :D Iv'e housesat with dogsitting at same time,
    SO WHat? :blob3:
    Does that make me a scrub?No it makes me much more informed,versatile,and well rounded in my knowlage,it makes me adaptible,and it allowed me to please my clients and get paid when some are sitting around waiting for the phone to ring,or waiting for the weather to change,
    I was making money and good money at that.How would you like to stay in a totaly cool million dollar home overlooking a beutifull lake and get to use the jacuzzie,have meals free and feed a tiny dog twice a day,get paid for that :p plus get paid for doing a garden project at the place too while your there?
    I mean who's gonna say no to that?A one week stay if you rent a place at that lake goes for $1700.00 to 2000.00
    I stayed for free plus GOT paid for it too.

    Everybody else?Sitting at home watching it snow and not making a dime.So how stupid do you really think I am??I'm proud to be a Janeof-all trades,though I am exclusive now,it sure never hurt me before.
  5. Smalltimer1

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    I agree.....if I know I possess the skills to do a task and the opportunity arises to make money from using them I'm gonna do it. payup

    I never think I'm too good for any job, well maybe garbage collection and sewer maintenance. :p
  6. sheshovel

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    Yea I draw the line at dog dodo and won't do house cleaning,no windows thankyou
  7. Triple R

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    Sound like one of those money is no object clients I wish I had more of. What ever they want I will provide, either myself or sub out and bill accordingly best of all they don't ask how much it's always "what ever it is just bill me"

    Stupidest phone call I received

    me: hello (I ussually don't answer this way)
    caller: do you guys mow lawns?
    me: yeah
    caller: are you hiring right now?
    me: no

    I should mention this call was at 2 a.m.
    Should I have hired him?
  8. mtdman

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    Jack of all trades, master of none. When you do "anything to make a buck" that's exactly what you are doing, making a buck, but not necessarily doing it well. When you do one thing, and do it well, you are making a profession. Would you hire the same guy that mows lawns, builds fences, cleans gutters to do your plumbing? I wouldn't. I'd hire a professional plumber. When trying to bring respectibility and legitimacy to the green industry, it's hard to do so when someone who does anything to make a buck calls himself a green industry professional.
  9. sheshovel

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    Not true,everything I dofor money,
    I do well,or I do it tell I do it well.I am a green industry professional,I do professional Landscaping for a living,
    have built my business from nothing with a few tools and my own two hands.I am one of those people who can do MORE THAN ONE THING and do them very well,
    when I mowed ,I mowed well and educated myself before I started,I never mowed to the degree alot of you have,but I had some crappy lawns that I turned into great lawns,I can spot a problem and tell you if it's environmental,or disease related.
    I can grow a new lawn from seed that will make your neighbors green with envy.I can also install the irrigation system for it,install a timer for it and show you how to work it after I am gone. :cool:
    You won't have to hire a drainage professional,a grading professional,an electrician and a irrigation professional to get your lawn installed cuz I do all those things very well. :D
    As far as being respected as a professional in my community,I have a list of over 100 satisfied and happy clients on my ref list you can call before you hire me who all consider me very professional. :) So you tell me why a person can only do one thing and do it well?
    I used to ride my horses and did that well,trained my dogs and did that well,I drive well. no tickets or accidents in over twenty years.(knock on wood!)
    My point is not to sing my own praises but to say that I for one, believe that people can do many things and do them professionaly and very well. :cool2:
  10. mtdman

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    All that stuff is green industry related. That all falls under 1 professional category. I'm not talking about someone who does mowing, irrigation, landscaping, etc all in one. I'm talking about the guy that builds decks, paints and repairs fences, cleans gutters, power washes siding, patches roofs, etc etc etc and then throws in lawn care at the bottom of the list because he's got a push mower in the truck as well. I know many professional painters, carpenters, roofers, builders, etc, and none of them would think to also do lawn mowing. Why is it that so many so-called professional lcos think they can also do all those professions all at once? It's those kind of jacks of all trades that brings the professionals down. IMO.

    You seem to be the only one here singing her own praises, btw.

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