Stupid question, but what type of grease....


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do you guys use for the cutter housings on your walk behind mowers? I have a Bunton 48 and the manual tells me to use Cheveron SRI-2 Bearing grease instead of the NLGI #2 lithium base EP grease. I can't find the Cheveron grease anywhere and was wondering if there was an equal replacement. Gotta keep up maintanance. If you don't take care of the machine, it won't take care of you. Thanks in advance for the replies.


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I use regular lithium base grease on my lesco 48 including the spindle bearings. I service the bearings and bushings everyday and I've had no lubrication related failures since I've oyned the machine, about 5 years.<p>I'd say that the &quot;bearing grease&quot; you mention would be worth using if you can find it.<p>an option to you would be to get a &quot;bulk load&quot; grease gun and pack your own bearing grease in it. I'm sure it would work and be considerably cheaper than the tubes.<p>good luck,<p>GEO


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Ditto on Geos' post. Lithium based grease is the best to use. I believe that Slick 50 also<br>make a grease,it might be worth looking into.<p>Karl<br>

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