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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Mickhippy, Feb 8, 2003.

  1. Mickhippy

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    What do you lot class as commercial lawns? I'm thinking council type work like roadsides, parks, housing complexes and Hotels etc. Even if a lawn is 10 acres with a house on it, dosn't that make it residential? I think I've just answered my own question!:dizzy: I hope its not a sign of things to come but I still would like to know, for the record. Cheers!
  2. MOW ED

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    Welcome to Lawnsite MATE;)

    Commercial lawns are just that, anything but residential. Those 10 acre sites with houses are residential by putting the house on it with a single homeowner calling the shots. A commercial lawn of that size is no different except for the fact that there are 10 LCO's bidding on it and the manager is looking for low bid. The managers for these places change like the seasons. Sometimes the commercial occupant requires bonding or certain proof of insurance to let you work there.
    As with anything in this business, you have to know your market. Some guys do great with the large commercials and others hate them.

    How is summer down there?
  3. John Allin

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    Wait a minute....
    I'm told that 10 acres in Australia is a postage stamp....
    Are the rules the same there as they are in the USA ?
    From what I hear, there's a whole lotta open space 'down under'.... you guys could mow for weeks on the same property and not reach the propertly line....
  4. kutnkru

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    Generally speaking for me an Industrial Site would be:
    corporate office parks
    ::manufacturing plants::
    usually 5 acres or more of lawns to be serviced -- in our area they have turf?? to be maintained near railroad tracks -- its not uncommon to have to trim around trailers parked on lawn areas as the shipping yard is always overflowing -- usually what we have to service is a perimiter area (ie. theres an ocean of parking lot between where we are and the actual bulding(s)) -- there is generally speaking more line trimming than there is mowing (lol!!) -- heavily reliant on growth regulators and round-up for vegetation control

    A Commercial Site would be:
    any business needing services thats basically NOT a hell hole as mentioned above whether its 100sf being maintained up to about 5 acres -- these businesses usually incorporate a fert program into their budgets -- ask to be policed for debris -- usually looking for a higher standard of service than an industrial site (culverts kept maintained regularly etc.)

    A residential site would be:
    ANY sized property (whether 10 acres of hell or not -LOL!!) that has a single dwelling home on it -- if there is a 10 acre site and it has a duplex or other multi-dwelling residence that would be classified IMHO as a commercial site

    Just to clarify on the multi-dwelling home that doesnt include things like guest houses Im referring to occupants who pay rent (and its still NOT a commercial site even if they have their children renting a bungalo over the garage -LOL!!)
  5. Mickhippy

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    Cheers for the reply Mow Ed.
    Well where can I start with the weather. A real mixed bag you could say. Some of the country is in the worst drought on record and the worst in about 100 years where I live. But we had a bit of a cyclone here last week so thats made a bit of green around the place. Ill be pretty busy next week catching up actually which will be fun in 80'F heat and maybe 80-90% humidity. Its like damned if it rains and damned if it dosn't. There's been mowing companies dropping like flies due to it but I was just able to get through. There were alot of us anyway so it will be good when the drought really breaks. Hopefully there wont be to many starting new business for a while so I can pick up a few more jobs. Winter is just around the corner so its going to be another tuff year for most of us.

    I'm strictly residential. No contracts etc just pay as you go. I do like the acreage though and have just bought a new JDX595. I liked the (I think you lot call them) ZTRs or something but I really needed traction. On one of the threads here you guys spoke about it and the close calls. I've had my fair share of them I can tell you with an LT155 so I hope I made the right choice. I know they are probably over priced but there's not to much to choose from here. BX2200 or X595 in the 4x4 type machines without going into compacts or large out front mowers.
    I'm babbling now hey. I've read to many threads and I think I'm replying to them now! :dizzy:
  6. Mickhippy

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    John, There are some very large propreties here. Say, millions of acres. Bigger than a couple of your states put together. Unforunately they use cows and sheep to mow them.
    By far most of our lawns are small residential but there are alot of acreages here as well. I live on 3 myself but across the road is 120 acres.
    Our country really has it all, from one of the dryest deserts to snow fields to rainforests etc. Its a big old interesting place.
  7. Toroguy

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    What is the rate of "mowing" for a grazing cow or sheep? How many cows per acre-per hour?

    This year I may trade my walk behind for the grazing animal method.

    I think 600 acres is a square mile? Million acre properties, man that would be incredible.
  8. Mickhippy

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    The grazing animal is very popular but cleaning up after them is a real bugger!

    Just remember that the land isnt very great where the big blocks are. There like semi desert so they need alot of space to run large numbers. They have to use planes and helicopters and the kids use radios or the internet for school. They have to fly in supplies or drive for a day or 2 to get the bread and milk.

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