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Discussion in 'General Industry Discussions' started by kc2006, Mar 9, 2006.

  1. kc2006

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    I was eating lunch today and got a call. Some place in Texas that claims they do printing for green industry companies. First thing I said "I'm sorry but I doubt you could do what I want, I'm a small company and don't require multiple dozens of hats" he says "Oh no sir we do orders for small and medium businesses only" He then explains his special offer of 8 dozen hats for 600 dollars :hammerhead:

    I'm sitting here watching my food get cold while this guy works himself down to 2 dozen. Finally I said "Listen, I don't give hats to customers, how many customers do you honestly believe are going to wear a hat that has my company name on it? I'm into drag racing and I refuse to wear any companies appearal so I don't push my business on others"...silence (this wasn't in his telemarketer book) "Well sir I can offer you 1 dozen hats for 99 dollars, thats a great deal, can I have your credit card number to make the order" I again said "I've already told you I would only order 6 hats, I don't need more then six and I don't want to waste your time" lmao then his great selling technique Well Kurt, you must not be doing very well in business if you can't afford 99 dollars, you don't sound like a customer we'd want to do business with :rolleyes: so I laughed at how bad of a salesman he was and thanked him for wasting my time.

    Thats just one of the many great calls I get. But atleast up until the last sentence this guy did a somewhat good job of selling the product. He didn't read in monotone and he made chit chat to try to get me to buy. Normally I get these people that use filler words ( and stumble on their own words. I just don't understand how they can get a job selling stuff, or they must not last long becuase their sales have to be worse then my company apparently is according to the hat guy :laugh:
  2. olderthandirt

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    I would have sold you only 6 hats
    Price would have been only $50-- seems fair ?
    But with that few ordered it would have required special handling @ $49.99

    Some people are not born to sell
  3. proenterprises

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    I have never bought somthing over the phone in my life, maninly because I would never buy from the joke salespeople that call. If they are paid on comission, they all must be broke.
  4. sheshovel

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    I made the huge mistake of 1/2 way filling out one of those on-line offers for a free i-pod.When I was partway through the thing I said to heck with this and closed the window.Well unfortunately by then they had my ph# and one of the things I had marked as being interested in was a re-fi of my morgage.
    BIG MISTAKE ...I have been feilding calls from morgage companies for 3 months now and having to answer them all and request that they take me off their list..must have had hundreds of calls at all hours and some of these people you can't understand a word they are I just ask if this is about re-fi and if they manage to say yes..then I ask them to remove me from their list..the calls have slowed down now to one or two a day...but they keep selling my info over and over..I had one lady ask me if the info she had was old info..I said yes 3 months old and I am happy with my morgage..they had just that day givin her the info and told her it was new.If you don't answer..they just keep calling and calling tell you do!I learned a great lesson there!Never fill out anything for something free on-line,and these people who sell over the phone are idiots!
  5. kc2006

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    I'm figuring some online source sold my info because I keep getting calls to my home number but they're thinking its my business number. So one of the places I've gone to must have sold info off.

    Got another good one last night about supporting the police and he said they take donations so I figured ok I'll give 20 bucks. He then says "Our gold donation is 400 dollars" I said what happend to donations being donations and not set prices?
  6. dfor

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    Is your number on the "do not call" registry? It has worked fairly well for me.
  7. BCF

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    That reminds me of a call I got a rew years ago. Was trying to sell me company hats in mass quantities. After going back and forth trying to win me over with samll amounts, I finally hung up on the guy when he asked me if I was always this grumpy on Tuesdays!:hammerhead:
  8. sheshovel

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    Gee thanks dfor..I registered there maybe that will help!
  9. kc2006

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    I wish I would of gotten the name of the hat company, they're from texas and do some "Special" kind of imprinting, its not embroidered and its not silk screened.

    My home number is on the do not call list. Can you put your business number on there also?
  10. Freddy_Kruger

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    Death to Phone Solicitors including the charities:nono:

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