Stupid Set-Ups of other LCO's...

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Fareway Lawncare, Sep 22, 2004.

  1. Fareway Lawncare

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    Admit it...You Look @ other LCO Set-Ups & Wonder Why They Run w/that Set-Up...

    Here's Some of the Serious DumAzz Set-Ups & Mowing Techniques I've Seen this Year....Our Area is All Smaller Res....

    1)Guys Running Riders or Walks out of a Sweet eXpensive Pick-Up Beds....Buy a Trailer Dude !

    2)Guys Running 21"'s out of the Back of their Car....'Nuff Said

    3)Guys Running Walker GHS units when the City No Longer Accepts Clippings & they have No Room on trailer to Haul Debris...They Blow the clippings out the Back of the Hopper...What a Mess !

    4)Guys Running Discharge units on the Smaller Res & Blowing Clipping all over sidewalks, beds etc....

    5)Guys running Lawn Tractors on Small Props...

    6)Guys Bagging everything w/21" Mowers....

    It Always Amazes Me how many Morons are out there Cutting Lawns !

  2. jeffh1988

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    I will be the first one to say that it dosen't take a lot of sense to crank a lawn mower and mow the grass and crank a weedeater and trim...that is not the hard part. Where you have to think is when you start making decisions on running a buissness and purchasing equipment and advertising...etc

    I have seen some of the dumbest people ever get on a riding mower and cut a yard but i know for a fact that the same person couldn't manage a buissness.

    that's my $.02
  3. specialtylc

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    To each his own. Everyone has their own way of doing things.
  4. Acute Cut

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    i like the guy that welds horseshoes to his trailer to hold trimmers. Or doesnt believe in edging (ever)

    My favorite has got to be the guy though that goes out and buys 40K of equipment and doesnt have even one job or know how to use his equipment.
  5. grillonz

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    I once saw 2 guys driving along in a small car that did not look legal with 2 handmowers (home owner type) sitting on the roof rack.
    You would have thought that the car had grass growning on the roof & it was being mowed. Apart from the poor image presented I would love to know how they kept up the pace lifting the mowers off the roof & back again for every lawn.

    Happy mowing

    HOOLIE LawnSite Gold Member
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    The dumbest I've seen is this scrub that used to work at my old job. Guy could barely mow and chew gum at the same time without mowing over his foot. Anyway, I've seen him around a little lately, working solo. Run into him at a 7-11 a few months ago, start talking. He's got a 48 in the bed of his truck, so I says to the scrub "How do you fit inside gates? Or do none of your lawns have fences?"

    His response-

    "Oh, the first half of the week I use my 48. The ones that are fenced in, I come back at the end of the week to do the backyard with my 36."

    I just said "Oh, I see. Well, see ya around"
  7. Liberty Lawncare

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    Today I seen a fool with brand new ford flat bed 12 foot trailer lazer z new trimmers blowers. The thing that got me was the two brand new wheelbarrows chained to the passenger side of the truck. Yup the looser had TWO wheelbarrows hanging off the side of the truck. :dizzy: Needless to say I started laughing so hard I had to stop my mower.
  8. kc2006

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  9. barringtonbrothers

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    I dont know about you guys but when I got my license and could drive I started out with a 21inch in the bed and a weed-eater. Then I went to a little trailer, 21inch, and a mtd rider, and a weed-eater. Then I got me a 18foot car tailer with car ramps, a 36inch wb, 21inch proline and a hand held weed-eater brand blower and a ryobi combo weedeater/edger and a big ol 1978 flat bed jacked up 4x4 ford pick up. But now I have all that nice stuff in my signature - but I had to start as a so called scrub and work my way there, and to some guys I still probably a scrub cause I do this and maintain two other jobs. I didnt start out having all the nice stuff and knowledge - I had to work hard for both. I just get so tired of people jumping to the scrub conclusion so quickly just to stroke their own egos. Imagine how dumb I looked driving down the road with that lone 36inch walk behind on a 18foot trailer with no gate yet just car ramps? Was I a scrub because of that? Well my costumers must like me- cause I have many from those days still - and my price has gone up significantly. I looked up to all the guys with nice rigs, nice trailers, and all those toys on back - I still do. I think what matters is the effort you put into a job, your honesty, and in the end all that really matters is if your customers are happy, providing their not pitas (lol). In my area there are many people who a lot of people on this site would consider scrubs, I look at many of them as people just trying to make ends meet with what they have, there are some true scrubs - but they are far and few in between.
  10. Mowses

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    With the point about putting equipment in the back of pickups, that's the whole idea of having a tray. If they can fit stuff in there easily then why wouldn't you use it??

    I don't see the problem with running gear out the back of the car. The equipment is secure (i know quite a few guys with stuff stolen from their utes) and it doesn't look like a tradesmans car so people don't think it is holding expensive equipment. If you can fit your gear in the back of a wagon then why not do it, the whole function of the car is to carry your equipment around, whether that is by ute/van/trailer/wagon/hatchback or whatever what difference does it make as long as it looks good. So far i've only seem you guys in the industry piss and moan about guys working out the back of a car, i haven't heard any clients or anyone i know who hires these people complain about that. I guess you're pi$$ed because they're taking business away from you so you bring them down by saying they're not professional?? Get real. I use a brand new wagon and i do a good job. In fact my car looks better than 90% of LCO's that i've seen driving around. I wouldn't be to quick to judge just on looks, if 5yrs later it turns out the same person creates a BIG company and is doing really well i bet you'd still find something to bring them down about.

    I'm not going to waste thousands on a trailer/rego/insurance just to satisfy what i see as only an improvement of image to others in the industry. I'm only concerned in looking good in front of my customers as that's who pays me.

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