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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by GCS LawnService, Jun 6, 2003.

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    I recently pissed off a stupid **** royally but the way I see it he screwed himself.

    Oh well here goes: This stupid **** had been doing a commercial account and he was asked to trim the landscaping at their residence but did not use common sense and cut everyting down to the stumps and killed it grave yard dead. They got royally pissed due to the mess he made of their established landscaping and basically advised him to not go away mad just go away. I received a call and was asked if I wanted their business, commercial and residential, and they described the circumstances to me. I agreed to do what they were asking and kept the bids the same due to the previous bidding being competitive, NO LOW BALLING. Stupid **** went by the place of business and really showed his true colors yesterday. Stupid **** is now threatening to do everything under the rising sun but has not figured out that he was operating under a verbal contract that could be broke at any time. Stupid **** has even threatened to come by my residence and show his tail, teehehe hope I'm home!

    I was venting a little bit and was wondering what other opinions were and if I am wrong please correct me.

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    you got the account fairly. He shouldn't be mad at you because he messed up, he should me mad at himself.

    If he keeps on bothering you just tell him, "hey, they contacted me." And possibly tell him that you would appreciate it if he would stop HARASSING you or you will have to contact the authorities. But don't say it in a threatening way, say it calmly to him.
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    Yup he knows all about the Judicial System due to being through it enough he is a real THUG!

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