Stupidest-funniest thing you ever did ?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by shorelinelawn, Jul 3, 2001.

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    Well, let me start this string by listing the stupidest thing I ever did in this business. ( also pretty funny, in retrospect ! )
    About 4 years ago, I was in a customers back yard line trimming.
    This was gthe 2nd season that I have been taking care of this lawn .
    This year, they put up a small pool for the kids. Well, it's July, and the pool has been up for 2 months , and I have been leary about line triming too close, but it's starting to look kinda shabby around the pool. You know what type of pool this is. No filter, 24" x 12', available at every K-mart or Walmart ( or so I thought ) , has a vinyl bottom, and metal sides. Well, I was line trimming , got too close, and nicked the bottom , that was protruding out from under the sides.WHOOSH, I immediately had about 800 gallons running between my legs, heading down hill. As I nicked the bottom, the side simultaneously split, allowing ALL the water to exit. NOW. As I stood there, my feet freshly washed, thinking " you dumb^%$#^%$&*$^&*%", I realized that I just bought a pool. I went to front door, and spoke to homeowner, we went down in basement to get empty box, so that I could replace the pool. I apologized profusely, and she was fine, as long as I agreed to replace pool.
    Did you know, that by mid-July, you can't buy pools at Wal-mart ? they already have fall stuff out !! I never did find a pool( even after I phoned the MFG ) I ended up eating their bill for that month ! They were happy with that , but I guess the kids were'nt too happy with me !! I did keep as customer, until they moved out of area, so I didn't lose them . As I look back on, it was pretty funny to see all the water go between my legs, soaking me almost up to my knees ! Just glad nothing other than my pride got hurt !
    NOW, anybody else want to confess their stupidity , for all to read
    ( and learn from ) ???
  2. I mow a green area surrounded by up scale houses. It's about 1 1/2 acres, and each homwowner owns a little chunk of it. It's managed by a comittee of the homeowners.
    The tree branches are hanging down, hitting me in the face and knocking off my hat when I mow. It's been difficult getting permission to trim the branches. So when one lady asked me how I'd like to prune them I guess I got a little excited.
    I was showing the part of the tree I was talking about, and because it had smooth bark my hand came down on the tree with a loud "smack". I still had my earplugs in, so I was talking plenty loud when I hit the tree.
    I heard myself bellow out,"I like to strip 'em up to here and expose the crotch!" She gave a little "Oh", so I turned toward her to see if my message got thru. The shocked look on her face made it clear to me that I was getting nowhere with that little speech.
    She never mentioned pruning again, and I'm still picking up my hat.
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    Drove a brand new JD 655 54 inch ZTR up on the trailer with the deck all the way down. Boss did'nt see it. Still had a job.

    Week before last we finally got some heavy rain in Tallahassee. That brought out the snakes in full force. Found myself chasing one with that JD as well. Just missed him.

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    I was mowing gas at a radio station. I knew I was running low on fuel. All ready been out 10 hours I went to mow the 3/4 mile long driveway. I got to the far end and ran slap out of fuel. Had to walk back. 90 degree weather
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    That is to funny:D
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    These are bound to give you guys a few chuckles. Cheers.
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    I took one of our mowers out to help the guys since we were a little behind. I noticed it was cutting like #*%*. Turns out one of the guys was sharpening the blades and only put two of the three blades back on. It would not have been so bad but I mowed about 1/2 acre before a looked to see what the problem was. I felt stupid. I didn't tell anybody I just loaded up and went back to the shop and got another blade.

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