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  1. stuvecorp

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    Really not much to show, has been pretty slow but did get a pickup as I am sick of driving the 550 always and don't want to put so many miles on it. It's an 04 350 XLT Lariat 6.0 diesel, I am loving having leather.

    6.26.12 001.jpg
  2. PTSolutions

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    you do any 6.0 bulletproofing yet? if you have any questions ask us, we did alot of "preventative" work on one of our 06s and it runs IDP extreme tunes.
  3. stuvecorp

    stuvecorp LawnSite Fanatic
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    So far I haven't done anything but would like to do headstuds(soon...). It is running an Edge programmer set in the middle. It has a digital readout on the column of EGT, temp, trans temp and turbo PSI. I like seeing all that stuff. It is a shame that we have to do things to make it bulletproof as there is a lot of potential with the 6.0.
  4. KrayzKajun

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    love the new ride!
  5. mzm

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    hope you have beter luck than we did had ours six months and blew the motor fixed it and sold it and bought a 02 f250 7.3
  6. Krafty

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    Ditto good luck be cautiouse, I had my 6.0 till about 20k miles it went into the shop for about 6 grand. I loved that truck but instantly parted ways with it.
  7. PTSolutions

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    we bought our first 06 6.0 (06-07-most reliable years) with about 72k on it, went to the shop to get egr delete, head studs, new heads, new turbo, ficm work, otc fitting, rear main seal, oil cooler and some other common ailments taken care of. most of the work was warrantied under the 100k powertrain warranty. we only paid for the egr delete, head studs and 500 labor to the tech in his pocket. helps to have a mod friendly dealer. she now runs an sct livewire with a full suite of innovative custom tunes. some porsches, corvettes, 350z's and srt4's have been pretty surprised.

    our second 06 6.0 has yet to get the egr delete and a couple other things, but this one wont run a big programmer like the first, mainly reliability and fuel mileage boosts.

    now my 6.4 on the other hand has only had a dpf/doc delete pipe, s&b intake, and h&s mini max with canned and kem tunes and she runs like a top. that dpf delete makes it ten times more reliable not having to go through regen cycles. the tuner also periodically cycles the egr so that it doesnt stick close or open so there is no need to delete it unless you are going balls out on a build. this setup has dynoed 585whp and 1183wtq on the canned h&s 300 tune and im much faster than my brothers fully built 6.0 and all our trucks are daily driven.

    sorry for the thread jack
  8. stuvecorp

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    No worries ProTouch... I've started to really like the 6.4 and the potential they have.

    The 6.0 has such a bad reputation but I don't think it is all justified although the emissions garbage really hurt them. The other big issue is the head studs, honestly how much could it cost to add that from the factory? They tell us these trucks last forever but then don't build them to truly last that long. I got this second hand but a big diesel engine builder up here said once the issues are taken care of the 6.0 is a better engine than the Cummins or Dmax, I was surprised to hear that...

    Any way, I do want to get(or hope to) it bulletproofed. It is a very fun truck to drive.
  9. AEL

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    I don't know about the power stroke being a better motor then the cummins or duramax, even after the emissions are taken care of ... I owned 2 power strokes . One with more mods then pro touch has on his 6.0 , and I would never buy another. Personal preference.
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  10. stuvecorp

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    Have been wanting to trade up to beat the Tier 4 machines and think the dealer and I worked a deal out pending the numbers/paperwork. The SV250 has all the options but has the mechanical/servo 'H' pattern controls. I'm not thrilled with the controls but think I can live with them and am just not liking the E/H yet(sidebar on the E/H controls - I like them in the CTL's and if they felt like that would be getting them but in a wheeled machine they are still too touchy to me).

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