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    That is a 6.0 550 isn't it? You should be getting better then 8 even loaded. I think I average around 12 in mine. Them boulders look awsome good work!!!
  2. KrayzKajun

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    love the F550
  3. Junior M

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    that looks GREAT!
  4. stuvecorp

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    Thanks, guys. The one side seemed to go real easy but the second side was tough, especially to start. I couldn't get in with the Case or the TK and the rocks were too big for the ASL so it didn't start like I wanted.
  5. ARP

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    Wow stuve- not sure how I missed your updates but looking nice! :drinkup: I really like that 550 setup with the hydroseeder. You may have gone over it before, but is that a mechanical or jet unit? Approximate price for that setup? That might be one of the directions I'm heading here pretty soon to beef up my company's ability to do everything inhouse.

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    I just bought the same hydro seeder. What to share any mix formulas as to how much seed, lime, tackafier and fert you put in to get good results?
  7. stuvecorp

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    The Turfmaker is a mechanical, I really like it but would like a bigger one. With the nurse tanks that helps so the water can be running all the time. I have a 500 gal Turbo Turf hybrid for sale also if any one is interested...

    My favorite mix is four bales of wood mix with tac and one bag of jetspray. Sometimes I'll throw an extra scoop of tac if it is sloped and I use liquid lime, a soluble fertilizer and some funky root stimulator stuff. A lot of times we broadcast part of the seed on and roll it in and then apply the rest through the hydroseeder. Sometimes it looks like the Swedish Chef how we dump all the stuff in.:laugh:

    Andrew, I'll pm you later...
  8. curtisfarmer

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    Not being anal or all...but the rock work could look MUCH better with just some simple caps or other detail work. Those are just egg boulders set in place. I am sure you could do better with better materials, or maybe your local rock doesn't lend itself to having workable faces. :waving:
  9. stuvecorp

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    I have no idea what caps would be on this? Do you have a picture? I know rock 'styles' are different in other areas but this is 'boulderscaping' here not necessary a straight up retaining wall. I think it will look better once the plantings go in and the homeowner is doing that. Those rock were all from the property and I took the walls apart from what the home builder had them, you would have loved how they looked before.
  10. nedly05

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    Boulders are a mystery to me. We do a ton of boulder setting, and what I think looks good might not look attractive to the next guy, and so on. I have set boulders for one guy for 10 years now, and I very rarely like what he likes, but as long as he, the customer is happy, thats all that matters.

    Looks good Stuve!

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