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Discussion in 'Tractors' started by tnmtn, Mar 26, 2014.

  1. tnmtn

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    I have a dingo but have been thinking about going to a sub compact tractor to replace it. since these machines have come out it seems there are many 3 point attachments available for them at a better price than mini skid. also the low loading height of the dingo has always been a weak link to a otherwise great machine. so far I have looked at the JD 1 series machines, and Mahindra max 25xl and Mahindra 3616. I was surprised the 3616 is not much larger than the Max and get one at a great price. I guess I'm looking for insight from guys that have been using these smaller tractors on jobs. Anyone else thinking about switching from mini skids to tractors? really impressed with the max tractor.
  2. GVL LLC

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    I have the max 28 and I strongly recomend going with it over the 25 because its got better capabilities and isnt much bigger. The one thing I will tell you though is try to avoid going over much brush/saplings in wooded area because the safety switches get screwed up and then when you turn the tractor off it wont restart because of the safety switches. There are like 5switches. Other then that the tractors are build strong and have a good warranty. and good capabilities for their size.
  3. S-205

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    Have you looked at Kubota's BX line of sub compacts?
  4. TriCountyLawn

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    I have done quite a bit of work using my cousin and his Kubota BX, I have put some pics in my picture thread of projects done with it. Its kind of the same ole tractor vs skid steer debate on a smaller level. Comparing it to a bobcat MT that I rent. I would rather have the BX any day. When I compare it to the ditch witch sk its a hard choice.

    The bx is pretty tippy with a load in the bucket and can get a bit dicey at times. If you have a bunch of work for the 3pt then the tractor is handy. I would say keep the dingo AND get the tractor. my .02
  5. lawn king

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    This is sound advise! If you have decided that a tractor is the way to go, i urge you to look at the small compcacts over sub compacts. The subs have very low ground clearance and limited 3 point hitch lift height! A compact tractor would open up possibilities for much larger work as well?
  6. GVL LLC

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    I say for mahindra the smallest one id get is a max 28 because its alittle taller for ground clearance and is the smallest compact they make.
  7. tnmtn

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    since starting the thread I have rented a little one series deere TLB. very surprised by it's performance. I was able to use both ends for a couple days. However, trenching would be miserable even if a shallow depth with it. It seems most of the advice is confirming my earlier thoughts. It's looking like I will end up adding a micro ex to stay on the trailer with the dingo and then keep an eye out for a compact tractor in the 30-35 HP range.
  8. lawn king

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    I have two compact kubotas, a B series 2320 for small tight work and a grand L 3540 for big work. Between the two tractors both equiped with QD loaders,forks,rotary cutter,core aerator,snowblower,front blade,spreader,multiple boom sprayers,york rake and weight box, we can handle just about any job!
  9. shane-pa

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    I have a 2005 Kubota BX 23. Great little machine for it's size. Can fit into the tight spots. Have done lawn restoration work with the 3pt and attachments. However, I cannot load into a 1 ton dump. I have to drive up onto car ramps. My next purchase will be the larger B-Series. Equipped with aux. hydraulics front and rear. Hope this helps.
  10. gcbailey

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    True, true... We had a BX2360 for a year and it was a great machine, but just not quite big enough. Traded it in last year for a B2920 and it's head and shoulders above the BX. The size isn't that much bigger, but you get a lot more "oomph". With the rear tires filled (same as the BX), the B is so much more stable. You don't have to worry about the "tip" factor as much too, if you don't have ballast on the rear. Also, on some of our big wide open jobs the B also pulls mowing duty. The 60" deck has just as good of a cut as our Lazer Zs.

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